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And So It Begins…

July 2012
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Oh, today is a happy day in my house. The Tour de France is upon us and my daughters and I – and now my wife took it all in, starting with the prologue TT highlights yesterday and the full first stage coverage today… Sitting on the couch with my girls, explaining what was happening and letting my wife know what was going on every few minutes – I think heaven might be something like that.

One note on the race, specifically on the dope photographer who caused a crash because he wandered onto the course to get a close up photo – I hope to God they pull that prick’s press credentials for at least two years and ban him for life from covering the Tour. What a complete and utter moron!

On a better note, I’m tapering a bit in the run up to my big Fourth of July 80 mile’er… The girls went over to a friend’s birthday party so Mrs. BDJ and I took the fat tire bikes out for a spin… Not exactly proper to celebrate stage one of the Tour, but she had a 10 mile ride on dirt roads in mind – far be it from me to argue. My wife’s stamina and speed are really starting to come along, we did this one at 14 mph overall, and the last four were at 15! A perfect recovery pace for me, and a decent workout for my wife – We really had a good time.

Throw in a little grass cutting this afternoon and burgers on the grill for dinner and this turns out to be one of those ‘good times and noodle salad’ kind of Sundays.


  1. beechcreekproject says:

    I watched the last bit of the Tour coverage. It amazes me how tightly packed they are while racing. Reminds of a flock of birds flying in perfect unison without knocking each other around. Until you throw a dumbass photographer into the mix. My bike is in the shop for maintenance so I’m having to contemplating running tomorrow which isn’t one of my favorites. I’m trying to incorporate it into my routine but it hasn’t been easy. You guys stay safe and ride on.

    • bgddyjim says:

      Thanks man, I have a tough time keeping up with the running now that I’m riding so much too. It’s really quite good for you though. Good for the bones and cartilage. I try to run at least once a week. Good luck with your run, now let’s bow our heads in humility for the quick return of your fine steed…

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