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Injured… ?


July 2012

Well, this stellar week just keeps getting better.  I’ve been working when I should have been home sitting by the pool, sipping a Gatorade and enjoying a much-needed rest.  I can deal with that, it happens often enough not to drive me crazy anymore.

I tried to go out for a ride yesterday afternoon but the roads were blocked by fallen trees so I had to cut that short, only 12.5 miles.

Then, as if to put a cosmic screw you cherry on top of that ice cream, I pulled just about every muscle that I have in my lower back trying to get my buddy’s generator into my truck so we could keep the fridge and air conditioning going…

I need a vacation from this vacation.

In response to my new back issue I won’t be running tomorrow for sure, that’s just too much and I’ve got my first of two Olympic Tri’s in a week and a day so I’m going to have to rest up a bit between now and then.  I’m going to give cycling a try tomorrow to see how it feels, best I can tell right now I should be fine.  It seems, at least sitting at my desk, that I’ve got a little sweet spot where there’s no pain when I’m bent down in the proper cycling position so I’ll probably take a day off today and ride out tomorrow…  With temps expected to hit 100, I really don’t think I need the miles anyway.


  1. elisariva says:

    Rest up! Hope your back heals quickly. No good deed goes unpunished, huh?

    • bgddyjim says:

      Sure doesn’t. It’s alright though, it got me to take a day off yesterday instead of going 4 days in a row after the 90 on the Fourth – it’s easy enough to look at a bright side of that.

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