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Holy Smokin’ Pavement Batman, B-Day Ride Success

I hate to admit it, but there’s something to the whole day off dealio.  I’m just off a nice lazy day yesterday and the birthday ride was by far my fastest solo ride ever.  I saved the last three of the 42 for a cool-down so my legs would hopefully be a little less tight for this afternoon’s festivities, but the first 39 werefast.

It was already 85 degrees when I set out at 8 this morning, but I decided right out of the gate I was going to give it my best effort, usually I just cruise for the first 21 miles at about 18.5, but not today.  Every time I felt like I was pushing too hard, I’d downshift for 15 seconds or so to spin back up before upshifting again.  Rinse and Repeat.

I did the first 21 miles in just under an hour!  That’s a real, no BS 21 mile per hour ride with some decent distance to it (adjusting for one stop light in which the auto-pause feature failed to work – I was stuck there for about a minute and a half  and my actual time was 1:00:40).

The ride back, into a steady 5-10 mph breeze was even better – 19.7 mph (no adjustments needed, I only got stopped twice for a few seconds.

Quickly, because I have to get ready to head out the door, beyond the days off I’ve taken which have obviously helped a little, I think that 90 mile ride really helped my confidence out.  My thinking goes like this:  That 90 mile ride was so far beyond what I thought I could do that it busted through a little mental block that was holding me back.  I’ll post more about it tomorrow or Monday, but try as I might, before this week I couldn’t have sustainted that kind of speed over 20 miles…and today I just did it.

That’s a happy birthday present indeed.

On The Right Side Of The Grass…

On the right side of the grass, pumping air for 42 crazy years today.  There have been a lot of really high ups and really low downs, but since I sobered my butt up almost 20 years ago now, or maybe it would better to say since I straightened my life out, there have been so many more good days than bad that I really only can be thankful, and I’ve got a lot to be thankful for.  I’m not much into the silly notion that success has anything to do with luck – the fact that I was paying attention when I needed to learn a lesson isn’t luck.  It was a desire to make something of myself and a willingness to do the next right thing when I was down that got me to listen up, not some dumb, blind mystical bit of chance.

For the birthday ride I may just take it easy with a mile for every year.  My brother, his wife and kids are up from Georgia for the week so we’re heading down to Detroit to take in a Tiger’s game this afternoon followed by a fireworks show at my buddy Brian’s house – it’s going to be a long day.  Whatever I decide to do, it’s going to be some kind of personal best mileage week for me (with two days off this week I’m already sitting on 122 miles with my two biggest days ahead) and I’m pretty geared up for it.  As far as my back goes, I’d put the muscle pull(s) at about 90%.  It’ll be interesting to see how it holds up.

That said, after yesterday’s highs near 100 degrees, we’re in for a bit of a cool-down today – it’s only supposed to hit 92!  It’s going to be like somebody turned on the outside AC, which should be great (I’m chuckling while typing this).  My girls made up their signs so they can get on TV again at the game today and I’m looking forward to a really fun time with my wife, kids and my brother and his son whom I’ve sorely missed.

Couple that with the fact that the power came on early this morning (about 3:30) and it’s looking to be a real winner of a day.

Yesterday was a fairly big day for my little corner of the blogosphere, I got hits from the most countries ever, so to everyone who stopped by from:

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Thank you for stopping by.

I’ll have a huge announcement tomorrow for a new contest with a grand prize (well, I don’t know how grand it is, but it’s a prize anyway).  Enjoy your Saturday.

Injured? Nope, go figure…

Well I’ll be a monkey’s uncle… I woke up this morning pretty stiff and worried that I’d be temporarily out of commission with a pulled lower back muscle or five. I figured I’d be lucky enough just to be able to ride through this one…

After I got home this afternoon to finally start my vacation a couple of days late and just in time for the weekend – hey, if I look at the bright side I still have all of my vacation days (chuckle) – I headed straight for the pool to cool down. Our power is still out but we’ve got a generator going so that we at least have AC and the fridge/freezer. After swimming for a half hour or so I headed over to Assenmacher’s to have a wheel checked out (it developed a shushing noise on the last three miles of Wednesday’s ride). Fortunately the diagnosis was simple, a little lube on a finicky rubber grommet, and I was headed back home…and upon returning promptly headed back to the pool. It wasn’t till about 8:30 this evening that I realized my back didn’t hurt anymore.

Now folks, I know the difference between a significant pull and a “rub some dirt on it, you’ll be fine” pull and mine was the former…but it’s better, probably good enough to run tomorrow.

If I had to guess, it was the cool(ish) water and continuous movement that loosened it back up, coupled with the fact that I’m fit as a fiddle. Whatever it is, I’m digging this new body that I started working on last year – it works GREAT !!!