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Announcing The Tan Line Competition…

I take pride in my cycling tan.  It’s not so much that it looks good, heck we all know that tan lines don’t.  What I like about it is the fact that I’ve got 1,453 miles in two months and ten days into those lines.  To put that mileage into perspective, last year at this point I had less than 300 miles in from May to July 10th – and back then I thought the fact that I had that many in was a big deal…

So, I’m announcing a new cycling Tan Line Competition on the heels of my “It’s All In The Tan Lines” post.

I’ll whittle down the best four or five and put them in a post to be voted on.

I’ll ship an Official Crane Lake Running Club Triathlon Team Tee Shirt to the winner (Limited Sizes:  LG or XLG):

Email photos to:  BDJ.fitrecovery (at) gmail (dot) com – and please folks, let’s keep it PG-13.








Here’s my entry (even though it won’t count)  To qualify, that’s an SPF 50 tan: