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Announcing The Tan Line Competition…

July 2012
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I take pride in my cycling tan.  It’s not so much that it looks good, heck we all know that tan lines don’t.  What I like about it is the fact that I’ve got 1,453 miles in two months and ten days into those lines.  To put that mileage into perspective, last year at this point I had less than 300 miles in from May to July 10th – and back then I thought the fact that I had that many in was a big deal…

So, I’m announcing a new cycling Tan Line Competition on the heels of my “It’s All In The Tan Lines” post.

I’ll whittle down the best four or five and put them in a post to be voted on.

I’ll ship an Official Crane Lake Running Club Triathlon Team Tee Shirt to the winner (Limited Sizes:  LG or XLG):

Email photos to:  BDJ.fitrecovery (at) gmail (dot) com – and please folks, let’s keep it PG-13.








Here’s my entry (even though it won’t count)  To qualify, that’s an SPF 50 tan:


  1. Kimberly / says:

    Dang! I wear such a variety of clothing I don’t have those defined tan lines. Cool shirt though!

  2. onyerbicycle says:

    Unfair competition. Some of us live in countries where the forecast has been non-stop reporting on mid-summer floods and not ridiculous degrees temperatures.

  3. bgddyjim says:


    Admittedly there are some structural flaws in my little contest. First, I had to worry about the anti-sun people who think that we all should cover ourselves with clothing rather than sunblock because the sun will scorch our flesh because it is somehow more intense now than it was a few decades ago when everyone was worrying about global cooling – that’s why I added the crack about the SPF 50 tan – while it is true, it also gives me cover against the political/medical lobbies.

    Your perdicament is the other flaw – it’s not summer everywhere. Unfortunately, or fortunately, depending on how you look at it, my birthday falls in July, just two weeks into summer…and it’s my company that sponsored the making of the shirts, so I make date for my contest.

    I apologize profusely and repeatedly that you’re experiencing wet weather, but if I waited for 80 degree temps and sunny forecasts world wide to hold this little competition on my blog which sees 90% of it’s traffic from those inside the US, I’d die an old man before I got the chance.


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