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Well Rested And Ready To Go…

July 2012

We moved up our plans to head out on vacation to 10 o’clock this evening which will allow the kids (and their dear old dad) to sleep through the night and for most of the trip.

I took yesterday off the bike to get a few things wrapped up around the house and I’ll be packing this afternoon so that’lll make two days off of the bike in a row – something I haven’t done since February. My legs are feeling quite good already so I should be in all kinds of good shape when I hit the mountains tomorrow morning (no sense inmessing around).

I’m takin both my road bike and my mountain bike and we’re taking Mrs. BDJ’s mountain bike – this will be my first trip to the mountains with a bike and I can’t wait. We’re staying in northern Georgia for the first couple of days (elevation 3,600 feet) followed by a week in the Smoky Mountains. I have ‘t a clue where I’ll be riding but I can all but guarantee I’ll be out every morning.

I picked up a handful of Jelly Belly energy beans and another handful of cliff bars… I’ve got new tires, picked up a set of Serfas lights – front and back rechargeable (coolest lights on the market) and tuned up all three bikes so they’re in perfect working order, and that’s saying something with Mrs. BDJ’s K-2 Zed 1.0… It’s got the exact same components as my Trek, but the rear dĂ©railleur is unbelievably finicky.

So in the end I’m hoping this will be the very definition of the fit/relaxed vacation, leaning more heavily to the “relaxed” part. I have no mileage goals as far as that goes, but I’m hoping for a 25 mile per day average with a couple of long one’s thrown in for good measure.

More to come soon…

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