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The Term Is Flatlander…

Folks, I am a fit freakin’ individual, it’s a well established truth. I am, on the other hand, fit for a Flatlander. I just had my first mountain climbing experience. Oh my God it was hilarious. I suppose I’ve been watching too much of the Tour because I went way too fast.

Keep in mind, we’re talking about grades in excess of 20%, we’re staying on the steepest peak (by far) in Tiger, Georgia – and the only experience I have is on expressway overpasses, so that pretty much means I have no climbing experience whatsoever…

I started off down the mountain more nervous than a cat in a roomful of rocking chairs. I rode the brakes for the first half while I got comfortable. To say the road is narrow is an understatement. There’s barely enough room for two cars. As I grew more comfortable, I picked up the pace until I reached the bottom and turned around to climb back up. The goal was to climb the worst of it before I started venturing out…and our little mountain is by far the worst. We’ve got Mrs. BDJ’s road bike and that’s only got a double on it so I wanted to try the climb in my middle ring: 42t with a 12/25 cassette. Ain’t no way, and I knew it before I hit the first switchback. My heart was already racing when I dropped down into the granny ring. I pushed on from there and started on the serious climb at just shy of one mile in… And then it got tough. My legs were fine but my heart wouldn’t slow down, no matter how much I tried to slow down. I blew up shortly after that, cooked. I called Matt and explained what happened (because I had no clue) and he explained that I just went too fast.

I’ll be trying again this afternoon.