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Flatlander Round Two…


July 2012

Not being someone who can take the fact that I couldn’t climb the mountain we’re vacationing on lightly, I went back out again for another try yesterday afternoon. This time, I rode along the main road that loops around Burton Lake after my descent. Unlike our mountain road, the drive has plenty of uphills and downhills, but they’re much more manageable… 10-15% grades with a 20 or two thrown in for good measure. I went out and back six miles each way before trying to tackle my mountain again – hey, maybe if I got the legs warmed up first, eh?

Uh, no. I was walking again… But there’s a reason behind it. Because I never paid attention to grades before and because I immediately think of myself as soft as a default position, I made a mistake in writing simply that a couple of sections were greater than 20%. They’re also greater than 30% and even 35%… I made it up the first one, but I just can’t get my legs to turn over so I can maintain forward progress. It’s just too steep.

The other 14 miles were awesome though, so the misses and I will be heading out some time this morning to have another go.

Here are a couple of photos of a switchback just below our house – I’ll get a couple of photos of the steep sections when we’re out later on.

A view down the mountain at the closest switchback to the house we’re staying at…

This is the view up that same switchback

Just a steep section of road – that’s only 9′ across by the way…

A neat looking cross between a bee and a battleship


  1. Kelly Wright says:

    I’m glad to know that even great cyclists have to walk sometimes! I still think you are pretty awesome!

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