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July 2012

We’ve moved on to Lake Nantahala in North Carolina and after several hiccups are finally settled, with one problem… No cell service and no Internet. Historically, I’ve only been on two other vacations in 15 years in which I didn’t have cell service… Our first two were first and second honeymoons. For my first i had a factory job so when I was off, I was gone and it didn’t matter. For my second, I worked for a large construction company and had a support staff behind me to take care of small issues that popped up. Those two were excellent. For my third, just a few years ago, I had left the shelter of a corporation and had no support staff to take care of issues – that vacation was more stressful than having to take care of things while on vacation – I got through it, but I was a nervous wreck and was actually relieved to leave. So it’s with that memory (and fear of a repeat) that I enter this week completely cut off, with the exception of a land line. I’ve got a couple of guys to take care of issues this time so I’m hoping for the best…

That said, the house we’re staying in this week is AWESOME and the cycling is going to be incredible – I scoped out a fantastic 28 mile out and back with plenty of reasonable climbs and excellent descents. I’m giddy with anticipation. There’s a diner about two miles from our log cabin that has a sign offering free water refills to cyclists (a good sign indeed – that will mean that the roads are well travelled by cyclists).

Actually, I just found one bar – it’s a quarter mile hike to the top of the mountain, I’ll get back when I can…


  1. aaronwest says:

    I’ve been there with the no cell service. That’s pretty much a struggle every trip up there.

    You might be pretty close to Wayah Bald. If so, I hear it is a gorgeous climb. I have yet to ride it, but I’ve ridden nearby around Franklin. It’s on my list.

    Have a good time.

  2. bikevcar says:

    Enjoy your break. Hope you can get some rest in

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