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There Are No Hills On The Lennon Ride…


July 2012

Matt Assenmacher always likes to quip, when people complain about getting left behind on the hills 2/3’s of the way through the Tuesday night group ride, that “there are no hills on the Lennon ride”.

I had absolutely no idea what the hell he was talking about, there are a few decent hills on that ride, until I rode Wayah and Junaluska roads in North Carolina, and then came back home and went out for an easy ride on Sunday with Mrs. BDJ and then a hard ride yesterday on my normal 16 mile route.  There really aren’t any hills on the Lennon ride.

A very funny thing happened while I was away mountain climbing on vacation – the hills I used to complain about are nowhere near as difficult, as if 2,000 years of planetary evolution caused the hills in Michigan to shrink to mole hills in the week that I was down south.  All I can say is it’s kind of funny how that works out.  One minute you think you’re pretty much at your peak performance level – the next you run all up and down it.

I rode all but one of the hills on my ride yesterday in the big ring – previously unheard of.  I was absolutely amazed at how much a difference a few days in the mountains made.  Also, on a very sad note, I really miss the scenery when down there.  It’s absolutely beautiful, open and green.  A stark contrast to riding in my neighborhood where everything is homes and businesses, concrete and asphalt, parking lots and so forth…

Tonight I’ll be hitting my club ride so I’ll be able to test the theory out.

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  1. […] sure he’d have recommended mountain climbs as well, but as I’ve said, there are no hills on the Lennon Ride so I’ll get to that in a minute).  He also said that overall speed wasn’t as […]

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