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Lifeproof – 2,300 Miles Later

I purchased the Lifeproof package for my iPhone 4s in March. About 2,500 All Purpose miles later, everything still works as perfectly as the day it came by way of UPS.

The armband is perfect, the bike mount is stellar and the case is still quite waterproof.

If I had a complaint at all it would be that the bike mount does not work for mountain biking – I do not mean mounting it to my mountain bike, it works as well on my 3700 as it does on my 5200…but it doesn’t stay upright under excessive abuse. Also, by excessive, I mean excessive. I ride hard folks, so I wear the phone in the armband when I’m on the trails.

The screen cover is still crystal clear, it’s easy to clean. Dunk it or run it under water and wipe it off and you’re good to go.

The set is perfect.

I purchased the products from Lifeproof and paid full price. While I’m certain they would welcome the kind words, they had nothing to do with this review, other than selling a great product.

Little Known Race Fact…

In the Crim Festival of Races, they send scout cyclists out ahead all of the runners to clear the lanes of pedestrians and slower racers from earlier races.

The only group that causes major problems is the hand cyclists – those that don’t have the use of their legs…

They’re so fast, the race committee has to use local pro cyclists to stay ahead of them. They finish the ten mile course in just over 25 minutes.

That’s fast, baby.

*One of the guys I ride with on Tuesday night paces the runners – he was telling me about how he tried once to pace the hand cyclists and ended up drafting off the leader to keep up.

The US Olympic Gymnastics Commentators…

I’ll cop to liking gymnastics. I like the guy’s gymnastics because it’s all about strength and power. I like the girls gymnastics because it’s all about grace, fluidity and beauty, though I do take issue with the wasted and usually ridiculous dance moves in the floor exercises – rarely does that come off well and usually it’s plain old ugly. Gabby Douglas’ routine last night stuck out to me. The tumbling passes were beautiful and amazing, while the dancing moves looked a bit more like flailing about dramatically.

That notwithstanding, it’s the commentators that have driven me up a freaking wall since the late 1980’s. In their groping to deliver the best one liner of all time, as if their comment would somehow end up on a Wheaties box or immortalized in some other way, they end up saying some of the dumbest sh!t known to mankind. Jim Nantz is king, but last night was no disappointment. Even Mrs. BigDaddy Jim let out a hoot of disbelief or two and an “oh, please” on at least three occasions.

My absolute favorite to hate was Al Trautwig’s, “champions walk together” line. It sucked bad enough the first time Al, you boob, but to say the exact same thing seconds later, as if everyone missed its profundity the first time, was just stupid. What the hell does that even mean? Walk together my eye. What a dope.

Runner up, again the estimable Al Trautwig with, “she may be going from the abyss to the mountaintop”, in reference to Jordyn Weiber’s floor performance (I believe – the bad commentary was all a scrambled haze last night). A comment on Al’s commentating: Shut it Al. In fact, just to be interesting, I might create a filter that sends everything Trautwig says from the mountaintop of his having a captive audience to the abyss of silence – or better yet, white noise… “Tsssssshhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhht”… Tim Daggett says something worth hearing, Elfie chimes in… Tssssshhhhhhht…

I get all of the sob stories, I understand the sacrifice of getting up at 6 in the morning to get to practice – oh wait, I wake up at 3:30 to do nothing more than work. Sheesh.

And as a final comment on the Olympics commentators, or in this case an interviewer – I’d like to point out how much more a grown-up Michael Phelps is than Andrea Kremer. After a blind-side attack question following Phelps’ silver medal performance two days ago, Phelps actually showed a lot of class in the interview yesterday after the US 4×200 relay gold medal performance… If I were Phelps, Kremer would have gotten a snub. In fact, Ms. Kremer once said this: ““The vitriol that is spewed forth about women, women in sports TV, female sideline reporters is just so out of control,”. Andrea, you pampas ass, the vitriol spewed forth is not about women in sports TV or female sideline reporters (unless we’re talking about Michele Tafoya – good God make that woman stop!). It’s about you asking dumb-ass, vitriolic questions. Stop it, and the vitriol aimed back at you will stop, you dope.

I feel much better now. Thank you.

By the way, if you haven’t heard about the badminton kerfuffle, where several teams tried, rather horribly, to throw their matches to get better matchups later on, check it out here. It’s abhorrent. Come on ladies, at least make a show of it, yeah? I hope they’re sent back home.

UPDATE: Where are my manners to our special friends across the pond? A thousand apologies. Congratulations to the Brit’s Men’s Gymnasts on an incredible performance down the stretch to medal – that was truly awesome to watch.

OK, There’s One Hill On The Lennon Ride…

First of all, my little mountain hypothesis (I mistakenly called it a theory before it was tested) is now a theory. I rode like the wind on the club ride this evening and it was awesome. It was a bit on the windy side which normally will slow things down – not tonight. We started off at 20 for the first two miles right off the bat. The next six miles were between 22 and 23…and then it got fast. The next five were 25 to 26 mph. Then we hit the non-existent hills and alternated miles, 25, 21, 27, 20, 27. I was keeping up quite well and I could envision making it with the big dogs to the finish line… And then the guys at the front cranked it up to 30 leading up to that one hill on the ride. I held on for one last mile at 23 before I sat up, gassed – along with 65% of the group. That last two miles had us dropping like flies.

I rode back, up front in a make-shift group with Phil and Zach, for the last ten miles between 19 and 21 mph. It was definitely a bit of a bummer getting dropped, but at those speeds, I can live with it. In fact, I rode so far beyond what I thought my best was, I’m looking at the experience as a huge victory. Too bad we couldn’t have kept it between 23 and 25 – I’d have made it.

I also did a few things that worked on my 90 mile 4th of July ride. I started with a Gatorade Prime and a Cliff Bar (Oatmeal/raisin/walnut – they’re excellent). During the ride, I took shorter pulls up front, that way I had some left to latch on to the back. Those few items had me feeling fantastic at the 17 mile mark, hardly breathing heavy.

All in all, it was a great ride.