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Daily Archives: August 3, 2012

Preparations For The Tour des Lacs…

Today is preparation day for the Tour des Lacs 100 mile ride tomorrow.  I’ve been following the weather for the last couple of days and was looking forward to a warm, but reasonable ride – unfortunately, the forecast has changed.  It’s going to be hot – 96 degrees F (that’s 35.5 C for the metric folks).  I took Wednesday off the bike, rode short, fast and hard yesterday (16 miles, 48 minutes, 20 mph average) and will be heading out for a short easy ride at some point today – I’m looking for the same 16 miles in around an hour – slow pace, high cadence (100-110 cadence).

Hydration will be big on the list all the way through the evening, as will be dinner – it’s going to be big.  Tomorrow morning I’ll eat a sensible breakfast, drink a couple of cups of coffee and head down to Fenton at about 6 am.  On the way down I’ll have a Cliff bar.  After I get my bike in order, about 30 minutes before the start, I’ll eat a bag of Jelly Belly Energy Beans.  15 minutes before the start, I’ll drink a Gatorade Prime and I’ll be ready to go…  This will follow, exactly, the plan that I’ve stuck to for every solid performance that I’ve put out in the last two months.  Is it right?  Is it what pro trainers would recommend?  I don’t know, but it works and that’s what counts.  As far as on-board food, it’ll be Cliff bars, Energy Beans, water and possibly a water bottle or two filled with Gatorade.

Bike maintenance will be done this evening, clean and lube the chain, check the nuts and bolts, shifter cable tension and so forth.  At that point, there’s nothin’ to it but to do it.

Did Al Trautwig Pay Attention

Well, well, well… I can’t attest to anything that happened before 10:00 last evening – I was out – but after that I can say, especially in the wake of Gabby Douglas’ gold medal, Al Trautwig actually kept a pretty tight lid on his torturous one-liners. Somebody at NBC must have been paying attention to the virtual uproar, or perhaps it was Mr. Trautwig himself.

Whatever the case, when Tim Daggett delivers the dopey line of the night, all is good.

I even checked with the misses who agreed that the ridiculousness was toned way down.

Good for you Al.