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100 – In The Bag


August 2012

I made it! It was incredibly hot, very long and awesome.

I’ll do a full write up after I eat, and more importantly, nap.

Some quick stats first:

98 miles, 5h:12m:25s – 17 minutes faster than my goal.

18.8 mph average, max speed 36 mph.

5,276 calories burned (give or take).

1,558 feet of climbing, 70% of which occurred in the last 20 miles (bastards!).

I drafted the first 50 in an excellent pace-line – 22.5 mph average. The group broke up after that and I hung with a guy named Chuck for about the next 25 till I dropped him and finished on my own.

I’m beat, but incredibly happy.


  1. College Tri says:

    I haven’t gotten to my first century yet… I have a marathon in a couple months that has been keeping me out of the saddle more! But I can’t wait to do my first one, hopefully next spring. Congrats, it’s a great accomplishment!

    • bgddyjim says:

      Thanks brother. I’m really psyched about it. Cycling is the first form of exercise I’ve ever liked enough to put the effort in for the “marathon” distances.

  2. tarrtarr says:

    98 miles? dang! that’s awesome!

  3. Awesome! Congrats – that’s a big accomplishment!

    • bgddyjim says:

      Thanks brother, coming from you that’s high praise indeed! I was happy to get that one done. Thought about giving up when I hit all of those hills all by my lonesome, but then I passed a bunch of people and got a bit of a sixth wind. It wasn’t all downhill after that but it was close.

  4. aaronwest says:

    Way to kill it!

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