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What I Love About Cross-Fit


August 2012

I’ve never stepped foot in a cross-fit gym. I’ve never completed a WOD or a WAD, I don’t even know what that means. But…

I am a member of another cult, of sorts. We don’t worship false idols, in fact we don’t do anything that would garner such a maligned title. Being an enthusiastic member of the cycling community is hardly so ugly. We are a weird bunch though. Many of us ride bikes that are more expensive and more properly maintained than the vehicles we drive. Most of us would prefer a vacation in which we get to ride daily – some of us take vacations centered solely around riding exceptional distances every day of the vacation. One thing you could say about all of us, we would all rather be on our bikes than on a recliner. That’s absolutely how I roll.

That’s what I love about cross fit folks. They’ve got their paleo diet, their primal this and WOD that… The cross-fit folks are just as crazy about a burpee and a kettle bell as I am about Ultegra Shifters and carbon fiber. English Pete, one of my best friends, is a cross-fitter, and to see that same crazed look I know I have on his face is awesome. I don’t necessarily get it, but I don’t have to. While we may not understand each other’s sport of choice, we do understand the enjoyment, satisfaction, release of stress and the balance a good workout brings to our lives… And that’s what matters.

So I have a blog friend that I’ve been following since I started blogging myself. I’ve read about struggle after struggle in attempting to shed weight and get fit. I’ve tried to help this friend I’ve never met, I’ve even prayed for the guy, that the Lord blesses him with what I’ve got…

And then, out of the blue, I read this:

“I do so love Fridays …and Crossfit!”

Do go and read the rest and give my friend an “atta boy”. His story is incredible.


  1. Thank you so much! It’s so crazy that I’ve finally found something that stuck. You have been more supportive of me than almost anyone I know, and I TRULY appreciate it. I think one of the reasons I kept posting was because I knew at least one person was reading them. I have now found rowing and Crossfit, and I couldn’t be happier. For the first time in a long time I would rather be moving than sitting. I would rather eat for energy than for entertainment. You are the man!!!!

    • bgddyjim says:

      Brother it is my pleasure. Just remember, now that you’ve got it, don’t let go… And you’ve gotta give it away to keep it. I’m proud o you brother – you stuck it out, kept digging, till you found your thing – that mode of exercise that hooks you.

      Couldn’t have happened to a more deserving guy.

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