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Century Analysis

August 2012

I just took a minute to analyze my performance from Saturday’s Century ride and I’m supremely satisfied, while a little morose about one aspect of the ride – but I’ll get to that part in a minute…

First, the good stuff; I turned in personal bests in a number of categories:

1 Hour:  22.4 miles

50km:  1:23:49s

50 Miles:  2:21:36 (I wrote 2:15 earlier based on the projected finish time of 4-1/2 hours given en route by Endomondo)

100km:  3:01:54

The 100km time is what I’m happiest about, though they’re all really good times for me.  The time on the 100k is better than my first 100km ride in April by 24 minutes and some change and better than my July 4th time by more than 12 minutes – when I did have a draft for the whole ride (at least until Kevin and I took the lead to tow everyone else in).

The one hour result was huge too because I haven’t been able to best that on the Tuesday night rides where we’re only going 33 miles…  Of course, that’s mainly because the Tuesday night horses have been too fast for me to keep up with for more than 24 miles (usually 12-20).

Now I get into the down side of the ride…  At 22 miles an hour I wasn’t struggling to hang on for the first 50, but I was absolutely working my butt off to do it, and that meant that I didn’t get to “enjoy” the act of riding that far.  Had I been at a more comfortable 19 mph (or even 18 where I’d planned on staying throughout the ride), I’d have had a chance to look around.  That first 65 miles became more about hanging on, going fast and keeping the draft than the ride itself.  And by the time I it the 65-70 mile mark where the real climbing (and by far the most scenic) part of the ride started, I was pretty well too spent to enjoy it – I was too busy prodding myself up the hills.

I didn’t really realize how much I missed until driving home from my sister’s place yesterday where we celebrated her son’s and my daughter’s birthdays.  My wife drove a good bit of the last half of the course.

On the other side of that, the effort will go a long way in making me stronger for the Tuesday night club rides and improve my overall fitness.  In short, it’s all good, but there’s just that one little downer in the punch bowl.  It is what it is.

Maybe I’ll take the Assenmacher 100 a little slower and take the time to enjoy it a little more in two weeks.



  1. Ya know, you’ve just hit an epiphany I had a long time ago. It’s good to be fit enough to enjoy things like that, but I refuse to make everything a race. If I did, I would enter races!

    Good job on the time, though.

    • bgddyjim says:

      You’re exactly right on that point. I get into a frazzle because I like to be fast just as much (or more) than I like to enjoy the ride. That gets me into trouble from time to time. It sounds like you’ve got that balance that I’m just starting to work on.

      Thank you for the pointer and the fine compliment.

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