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Daily Archives: August 8, 2012

Mrs. BgddyJim and Cycling in the Mountains

One of the coolest and most surprising things, of all that’s happened this summer, has been cycling with my wife.  Being flatlanders, and in a very nice rural area for cycling, we’ve been able to ride side by side on a fairly regular basis and at a pretty decent clip.  We get time to talk about the little things that we normally wouldn’t take because life comes at us so fast, and we get to get out and exercise together at a pace that we can both be happy with.

We rode together almost every day that we were down south in the mountains – I’d go out for a reckon ride to pick out a decent stretch that would be possible for her to ride with her Cannondale, then we’d hit the road together the next day.  One of the tougher things about riding in the mountains, however, was that with all of the hills it was tough to stay together.  Even so, I’m pretty much back to riding solo now, life is back to normal, and I miss the mountains and the time we had riding together.

It was down south that Mrs. BDJ really showed what she’s got.  If I had a dollar for every time I thought she’d give up and turn around, and pushed through it, we could have afforded to stay down there another few days…  But she didn’t.  She just kept truckin’ along.

The two mile out an back that we had to stick to this year, down in North Carolina, will be unacceptable next year however.  I’ll be outfitting the Miss’es’es bike with a shiny new triple and a new front derailleur so we can tear up the mountains together.

That said, I’m pretty much back to riding solo now, life is back to normal, and I miss the mountains and the time we had riding together.  I’m sure we’ll still have our Sunday morning rides from time to time, but I really could get used to the every day thing we had on vacation.

Leo Manzano’s Pre-Race Ritual…

I wrote that he’s a weird bird, I meant it…  However, I’ve been perusing the web on this fast little fella and I’ve come across quite a few comments that he’s arrogant…

You can see for yourself, here:

All I can say is that I’ve seen arrogant before – Usain Bolt, Terrel Owens…  That’s arrogant.  But Leo Manzano?  No sir, not from what I’ve seen.  He’s just got a weird pre-race ritual.  I’m tempted to start kissing the guns before I race.  All I’ll have to do is find a camera guy and a news guy who want to shoot some video of a soon-to-be over the hill guy kissing his knees before he goes out and runs 10 miles in 8-1/2 minute miles (almost double the pace of the guys who will lead the race).

I won’t be holding my breath at the starting line.

Dead Legs Again

Folks, my legs got some kind of awesome this summer.  After I started running, I used to tease my wife that my legs were so awesome, you could shave me down and stick a pair of pantyhose on me and I’d be some kinda hot…  Now you wouldn’t even have to shave me down, got that covered – alas I’ve got man legs now so they’d look like crap in pantyhose, but that’s a good thing.  I had no idea, when spring came around, how well I’d stick with the whole cycling thing.  Though I was quite certain that I was hooked, I didn’t know if I had it in me to meet the goals I’d laid out…and I had some lofty goals – well I thought they were lofty then. Back in January I wrote on my Goals page that I wanted to ride a metric century in under 4 hours in April.  I beat that by a half an hour.  I wanted to ride a full century in under 6-1/2 hours. I beat that goal by more than an hour – even adjusted for the fact that the course was only 98 miles.  I also set a goal of 4,000 all purpose miles for 2012…  I should break that in September.  It’s been a really good year so far – and most importantly, it’s been almost completely free of injury (the exception being a brief pulled plantaris [small calf muscle] due to ignorance).

Unfortunately, even after a day off and a semi-recovery ride my legs were feeling pretty dead today. I stuck to my shorter 16 mile ride and dialed it back a notch compared with yesterday.  Just 18 more miles than my July 4th ride and I’m a lot more wasted than I was after that ride. I’m in a weird spot – waiting on my legs to snap back. In fact, the last time I can recall being this wiped out was after my first half marathon more than ten years ago…


Well, I started writing this post last night just before I fell asleep and all I can say is it’s a wonder what 6-1/2 strong hours of sleep will do for a fella’s beat legs.

The spring that I’ve grown quite accustomed to is back and the tightness has faded considerably.  I’ll be taking it easy again this afternoon I suppose, one more recovery ride, before I start hitting it hard again on Friday and Saturday (we’re supposed to get hit with storms tomorrow so it’ll be a day off).