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Dead Legs Again


August 2012

Folks, my legs got some kind of awesome this summer.  After I started running, I used to tease my wife that my legs were so awesome, you could shave me down and stick a pair of pantyhose on me and I’d be some kinda hot…  Now you wouldn’t even have to shave me down, got that covered – alas I’ve got man legs now so they’d look like crap in pantyhose, but that’s a good thing.  I had no idea, when spring came around, how well I’d stick with the whole cycling thing.  Though I was quite certain that I was hooked, I didn’t know if I had it in me to meet the goals I’d laid out…and I had some lofty goals – well I thought they were lofty then. Back in January I wrote on my Goals page that I wanted to ride a metric century in under 4 hours in April.  I beat that by a half an hour.  I wanted to ride a full century in under 6-1/2 hours. I beat that goal by more than an hour – even adjusted for the fact that the course was only 98 miles.  I also set a goal of 4,000 all purpose miles for 2012…  I should break that in September.  It’s been a really good year so far – and most importantly, it’s been almost completely free of injury (the exception being a brief pulled plantaris [small calf muscle] due to ignorance).

Unfortunately, even after a day off and a semi-recovery ride my legs were feeling pretty dead today. I stuck to my shorter 16 mile ride and dialed it back a notch compared with yesterday.  Just 18 more miles than my July 4th ride and I’m a lot more wasted than I was after that ride. I’m in a weird spot – waiting on my legs to snap back. In fact, the last time I can recall being this wiped out was after my first half marathon more than ten years ago…


Well, I started writing this post last night just before I fell asleep and all I can say is it’s a wonder what 6-1/2 strong hours of sleep will do for a fella’s beat legs.

The spring that I’ve grown quite accustomed to is back and the tightness has faded considerably.  I’ll be taking it easy again this afternoon I suppose, one more recovery ride, before I start hitting it hard again on Friday and Saturday (we’re supposed to get hit with storms tomorrow so it’ll be a day off).




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