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The Parade Is Rained Out Yet Again

August 2012
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We’re in the middle of our third straight day of rain. It’s cool, 65 degrees, with a steady, misty rain. Terrible weather for a bike ride, but great weather for a run.

I haven’t gone for a run in more than a month so it felt really good to pound my legs a little bit. I started out slow with a couple of buddies… The first mile at 9:07, the second at 8:47 – not where I wanted to be. I stepped it up a bit for three – Marc had split off to do a longer run and I hoped my buddy Jeff would pick it up with me… I checked over my shoulder mid-way through that mile and saw him struggling to hang on so for the second time I turned around to pick him back up but when I got back to him he said not to bother waiting up so I got right back on the gas. That mile was at 8:37. I followed that with another 8:37 before I started getting an itch to move out. My last three were 8:06, 8:04 and 8:12 (2 decent hills).

If I was being silly I could complain about the slow time but the reality is I was a touch burned out on running after all those years and I just needed the break from it to pursue cycling and mountain biking. That said, it was really nice to get out and run again.


  1. Sandra says:

    What are you not good at, dude?

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