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Drops Day


August 2012

I read once that a cyclist should have his or her road bike set up so that they can comfortably ride in the drops for at least an hour.  There’s a lot to look in the setup alone – standard drops, compact drops, the height of the bar top, the angle of the drops and so on.  Everything depends on flexibility and how comfortable one can become riding as close to parallel to the ground as possible.

I have become infinitely comfortable on the hoods.  That’s where I ride 85% of the time.  10% would be on the bar tops and then 5% in the drops, usually only when I’m taking my pull in a club ride or when I’m heading directly into a stiff breeze.  There are a few reasons for this.  I’ve got my bar angle set a little low so that my hoods are a little lower which means that I’m more aerodynamic in that position to begin with.  I could be more comfortable riding a little more upright, but I’ve always been more about the speed than the comfort and my body has grown quite accustomed to riding like that anyway.  In fact, I slammed my stem several months ago once I became accustomed to riding the way I was set up after getting my bike fitted at the bike shop.  I lowered the bars by about an inch and I’ve been infinitely happy with that as long as I was on the hoods.  Riding in the drops was a different story though.  It was just a little too low and I felt like I was a little bunched up at the hips which through my breathing off which messed with my power to the pedals because I always felt like I was overworking – I ended up feeling like I was working harder in the drops, even with the wind advantage.


Fast forward to yesterday.  I went out for an easy ride 16 mile ride, with a target of something around recovery pace, to avoid killing myself after the club ride on Tuesday night.    About 3 miles into the ride I could really feel a drag because of the wind so I got down into the drops and concentrated on keeping a steady cadence.  One mile in I was still feeling fine, two miles, then three, and four…  I ended up in the drops for almost all of the last 13 miles, quite comfortable and a mile an hour faster than I’d averaged on the hoods.

Pulling into the driveway I decided that I’d dedicate one day a week to only riding in the drops so I can become more comfortable and efficient.  What a great ride – 18.6 mph average (17.0 was my target) and I felt great when I was done…  While I was out riding I guessed that I’d end up around 17.5… That’s what I was looking for in the drops.


  1. elisariva says:

    Have aero bars on my road bike – very comfortable and aerodynamic. Both drops and aero bars require repositioning to break or shift gears…. Why not go for comfort too? Just a thought.

    • bgddyjim says:

      I actually have a set at home sitting on my work bench. I’ve got two different thoughts working against the aero bars. First, I figured I’d save them for triathons – better to train harder, then drop the aero bars on for the races when I want to ride easier. I’ll either be faster or finish the bike leg more rested.

      Then there’s the vanity – I hate to say it but I’m turning out to be a true/pure road biker… I like that bike so much I hate to break up the lines with the bars. Maybe that’s crazy to most everyone else, but it makes sense to me.

    • bgddyjim says:

      Oh, I missed that second part – the drops don’t require repositioning. I don’t have the compact drops where you’re down by the ends – I’ve got the old ergonomic drops with a “flat” spot just under the break lever – the hands go there during the club rides. I can hit the breaks/shifters just fine. When I’m out on my own, the ends are a little more comfortable (less of a reach) but I can still get to the brakes in an emergency.

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