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Brick Day Revisited…

I’ve run less this summer than any previous summer since 2002.  This is due in large part, of course, to the fact that I’ve had so much fun riding.  I’m much stronger physically for the switch too, or let’s say my legs are much stronger and look much better than they ever have.  That said, I found out the hard way that there is a very big difference between riding and running when it comes to physical exertion.  Last week, to beat a three-day stretch of rain that limited my ability to ride, I laced up and hit the road for a fast-ish 7.2 miles.  The weather rebounded on Sunday so I went out for a hard ride…and wound up in a lot of pain after it was all over.  Not “injury” pain of course, just exertion pain.  The point is, much to my chagrin, I’m not exactly in running shape when it comes to recovering from the exertion.  Had I been running, at a guess at least once a week, things would be very different – I’d have maintained my running shape.

That said, I haven’t been one to wuss out on the chance to overdo it just a bit so I went out on a ride with Mrs. BDJ and followed that up with a 10k with my running buddy Dennis yesterday.  Now, for anyone in the know, if you’re used to running at a certain pace – 7-1/2 minute miles for a 5k in my case – and then you slow that down to run with a friend to 10 minute miles, it hurts a lot.  If I had to guess, at least in my case, my body has to take more of a pounding to run slow.  I normally glide when I run but when I slog (slow jog) there’s a lot more up and down.  After 3 miles it gets to hurting.

That being so, I recovered just fine.  With the exception of a little pain in the hips I’m good to go.  I’ll work that out on an easy 16 mile ride today followed by an easy 24-30 miles tomorrow before my 100 on Sunday.  I should top 200 miles for the week, for the first time ever.

Enough Already, A Race Finally Get’s Too Expensive…

I usually wait until the last-minute to register for a race (well, the last week anyway)…  Such was the case with the Dawn Farm Ride for Recovery, the Tour des Lacs, the Assenmacher 100 and was to be with the CRIM 10 Mile running race in which I was going to try for a personal best.  There are a couple of reasons behind the wait.  First, I want to make sure I’m going to run (or ride) and I want the charity to get more money – to an extent.

For the Ride for Recovery, a supported 100k, the cost was $35 (plus I gave them a corporate donation).  The Tour des Lacs, a fully SAG supported 100 mile ride, I paid $35 the week before and I got a TdL backpack.  The Assenmacher 100?  $20 week before.  When I started running the CRIM 10 mile running race ten years ago the cost was between $20 and $25 with a t-shirt depending on when you signed up, and that was the most expensive race of the year.  I have loved running the CRIM most years of the last decade.  The people lining the street (for darn near the whole  length of the course) and the atmosphere are just awesome.

 This picture appears on the home page for the CRIM.  It’s all about the people indeed…  This year, the cost is an amazing $55 PLUS, and this is my favorite, they charge an extra $4.99 for the convenience of signing up online bringing the total to one penny shy of $60.00!

That’s just ridiculous and I’ve finally had enough.  I’m not going to pay someone $60 to know I can run ten miles – it’s just too much.  I realize, of course, that this pales in comparison to a Triathlon entry fee at about half, but I really don’t care – for a full triathlon, the logistics are huge – the support is spread out over 14 times the distance!  Enough is enough already.  I won’t be running that race again until the price comes down (or I miss it enough to part with $60 – I’d rather take my family out to eat a couple of times).

This is really heartbreaking – I love that race.

If you’re wondering why the corporate donation to Dawn Farm for the 100k – the name of my blog is “Fit Recovery”…  My recovery from addiction started at Dawn Farm 1992…  The point being, of course, while the CRIM is about the money, it’s not really about the money.