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Prep Complete – All That’s Left Is A BIG Dinner

Preparations are complete for my 100 tomorrow, I’ve got my chain clean as a whistle, on it’s second hour of dry time before I lube it back up. I made sure to go through all of my gears on my ride today to affirm that no adjustments are necessary. I also picked up a handful of energy beans and a few Gu Roctanes at my local running shop.


I’ve got my clothes, gloves and shoes laid out and I’m about 16 ounces into a 32 ounce Gatorade…

The only thing left is dinner. There are a few things that I don’t mind messing with or changing around for a big event, a big night before dinner isn’t one of them so we’re swinging for the fence tonight… Big daddy’s bad, bad BBQ bacon burgers, a home grown garden salad and maybe some grilled potatoes.

There are a few things I’ll be doing different for this ride. I’ll be taking this one a touch slower overall. I’m still shooting for a 19 mph finish, I’m just not going to worry about getting into a 22-23 mph group. I also don’t have a Gatorade Prime to start with so I don’t know what I’ll do to replace that, maybe a pack of beans. Also with the cooler temps I’m leaving the Camelbak at home. No sense in carrying the weight, I won’t be sweating much until the last 30 miles or so. Also, I didn’t taper or take a day off before this ride. The idea is that I want to see if my performance changes much.

We’ll see.

Century Ride Preparations…

This may read strangely, but I went on a 30 mile preparation ride for the Assenmacher 100 tomorrow. I could have taken the day off, as I did two weeks ago for the Tour des Lacs prep, but we’re having unseasonably cool weather lately (it’s more like the middle of September around here). The point to the ride was to get a feel for the clothing I’ll want for tomorrow. I don’t want to be too cold with starting temps in the low 50’s, but it’ll be plenty nice when we finish, in the low 70’s. I’m going with a jersey and arm warmers and a pair of fall tights over my cycling shorts. I thought about picking up some knee or leg warmers, but I just didn’t feel like parting with the cash when I’ve already got what I need.

After a week of slower rides (18-19 mph) and one decent club ride on Tuesday, I’m ready. I had a tough time keeping it below 20-22 mph on the way back from the running club. I was literally laughing every time my Endomondo chick chirped off another mile below 3:00. My target was 3:30’s. I had to sit up the last 4 miles just to get under 20 mph average for the last 18.

There is no doubt, I’m ready to go.

A short nap, some minor maintenance on the bike, a trip to the local running store to pick up some Jelly Belly energy beans and all I’ll have left is the wake up. I’m really fired up for this ride.