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2 Centuries In 2 Weeks, In The Books

The Assenmacher 100 was, by far, the most well put on, classiest paid race I’ve ever participated in – with the exception of the CRIM which has most of the 10 mile course lined with spectators and all forms of local bands, from marching bands to jazz to rock.

It was the perfect long ride. It started out cool, but when the sun broke through the light cloud cover, the temp rebounded perfectly to the mid 70’s.

I’ll post a more complete write-up tomorrow morning, but for the time being, the totals are 98.84 miles in 5:16:11 at 18.75 mph (average)… Less than a tenth slower than the Tour des Lacs – and I didn’t have the train for the first 50 at more than 22 mph. In short, I was not going for time on this one, I was in this for the camaraderie, the fun and the enjoyment of a good long ride.

I did ride with quite a few groups, some large, but I got to ride with my buddy Phil from Tuesday night’s club ride for the majority, and that’s better than I could have hoped for. We had a blast.

Also, because our average speed was a little slower, I got to take a more prominent leadership role within the pack, being the strong rider of the group. My pulls up front were long, 3 miles per pull, and my miles were faster than when the others took their turns (and I sure did appreciate the rest afterwards).

The two centuries were very different, but shared one similarity: They were both short of 100 miles. Today, I had more than enough left in the tank to add another 1.2 miles, but my more than awesome wife brought the kids up to the finish line to cheer me on as I crossed it – and to share the finish with them was far more important than delaying the hugs and kisses for another four minutes… And I wasn’t about to risk them feeling snubbed – especially when I was so happy to see them cheering – for a stinkin’ mile and 2 tenths.

To celebrate we’ll be hitting mine and Mrs. BDJ’s favorite restaurant for dinner, Qdoba Mexican Grill.  If you’ve never given them a try, I highly recommend it.  Specifically, the three cheese nachos – they’re spectacular.  The food there is just about as healthy as a person could ask for.  Fresh cooked, home-made, fantastic.

Start Time
Aug 19, 2012 7:51 AM
98.84 miles
Avg Speed
18.8 mph
Max Speed
26.7 mph
5244 kcal