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Cycling Diet, Amongst Other Things – Questions Answered


August 2012

My blog-friend at Cult-Fit posted this question in response to my “Getting My Legs Back – Slowly” post, just beneath this one…  They’re all good questions and the answers make a great post:

“Do you have an indoor trainer/roller?  How has your diet/fluid intake been before and after your rides?  Have you noticed a big shift in cadence after your longer rides?  Apologies for all the questions!

I do have an indoor trainer that I use from sometime in November or December (as soon as the weather gets too nasty) until the end of February.  I wrote a post about it long ago when I was still riding my Cannondale SR400.  I set it up in my office and spin for at least a half an hour a day at lunch through the off season.  I’ll put a movie on the big screen and pedal away.  It’s a fantastic way to stay ahead of the early spring chicken legs.

Yes, this is an awesome setup… Don’t worry the boss doesn’t mind.

My diet the night before a ride is pretty simple – 25% (give or take) more than I’d normally eat.  I’m an eat till I’m full kind of guy – I can tell when I’m getting to the point where I’m full and I stop just before that.  For breakfast, I eat a bowl of granola cruncher cereal with raisins, a couple of bananas and I’m out the door.  On the way there I’ll eat a Clif bar if I’m still hungry – followed by Jelly Belly’s just before the start (if I don’t have a Gatorade Prime).

For fluid intake before the ride, I make sure to drink a couple of 20 oz bottles of water (or 32 oz of Gatorade) after dinner, night before.  Morning of, I drink two cups of coffee (a must) and another 20 oz of water.  I sip a 32 Oz Gatorade on the way there and put the rest in my other bottle.  15 minutes before the start I drink a Gatorade Prime.

During the ride, I don’t pay attention to how much I drink, I just make sure I don’t get thirsty.

After, I’ll drink 32-64 oz of Gatorade and another bottle of water…  Usually that’ll do me but if I’m still thirsty, I’ll drink a small bottle of Coke (best thing they ever came out with – even if it was in response to that Commie mayor in New York.  Keep your hands off my salt and soda, bitches!)

As for my cadence after a long ride, it increases in the days following.  This is by design – or more to the point, I increase it on purpose while slowing my speed down.  During a ride I’m shooting for between 85 and 90.  On the slower “recovery” rides I’m aiming at 110-120 (yes, 120 but only for a couple of miles at a time).  It’s simple enough to do, I just pick an easier gear to pedal so I wind up putting much less strain on the legs to move the bike forward but the high cadence really loosens them up.  I got the idea from a racing blogger shortly after I started blogging.  Now, if I went by how my legs felt, I’d pedal a harder gear slower – and my legs would tighten up, not loosen, after the ride.

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