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Neon Spandex…


August 2012

A woman who goes by the name of Neonspndx started following my blog today…  Now you can’t miss a name like neon spandex so I had to check out her blog, which is quite good.  At first look (check out the name of her blog! :D), she and I think a lot a like, so do check her site out.

The reason for the post, however, has more to do with the name she goes by.  When I was about 14 or 15, spandex had just become popular.  Cycling shorts were all the rage, but not for riding bicycles in.  We wore spandex shorts, with longer t-shirts to cover the sensitive areas that…  well, you get the idea, just as one would a pair of cargo shorts nowadays.

The most popular of the spandex shorts was a black front and back with neon green side panels.  My best friend Art was the first of our little click to get a pair and that necessitated my getting a pair as well.  My mother, who left the convent because she wanted to have kids (that’s right folks, she was two inches from her vows – from being a nun, when she left to become a nurse), did not like those shorts.  She especially did not like those immodest shorts on her 14-year-old son.  Add to that the fact that I was terribly skinny as a kid and she was beside herself.  She did, however, eventually cave to the pressure.

So every time I wore those shorts, there’s my mom, absolutely bitching about my neon green paneled spandex shorts.  The year was 1984(ish).

Fast forward to about 2002, and my buddy Kyle and I went to see Vince Neil (formerly of Motley Crue)

play with another hair band that I loved as a kid – Slaughter.

At that concert, one of the last major concerts I saw – and I’d been sober for almost ten years, I saw a guy with long “hair band” hair, and a cut off t-shirt…with those same damned neon green spandex shorts…absolutely bombed, dancing to one of the songs.  It was one of those, “holy cow dude, did I look like that” moments that you just can’t shake.  It was hilarious…

So here I am, I’d just gotten back from a ride, and I’ve gotten a notice that a person who goes by the pseudonym (or handle?) Neonspndx is now following my blog.  I’ve long since gotten over the horror of those days, and now being over 40, those memories don’t have the negativity attached to them – they’re just awesome!

What an excellent blast from the past.  Thanks Neonspndx.


  1. neonspndx says:

    Wow I am honored AND thrilled that you are/were a lover of spandex and I could provide any inspiration. Thank you so much. I’m grinning from ear to ear!!

  2. Sandra says:

    Funny. So, did she wear leg warmers with those? Because *I* did! 🙂

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