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Obama Administration Strips Lance’s Titles…


August 2012

Yes, you read that right. President Obama stripped Lance of his Tour de France Titles. If you’re a Lance fan, and most anyone who rides a bike is, if you want to place blame, according to the way the politics work in certain circumstances, blame the president. Or look at it this way… If FEMA’s reaction to Katrina was Bush’s fault, guess what.

Truthfully, because I actually do have a character and morals that matter more than bullshitting people (unlike many left wing activist reporters), I’ll tell you straight up that I’m not exactly being straight factually, though what I wrote in the first paragraph would have been the lede in the New York Times and Washington Post had the president had an (R) after his name. Those institutions of pseudo-wisdom would have prettied it up, stripped much of the boldness from the statement, but would have said the same thing.

The thing that I don’t understand and (much like the aforementioned press) won’t bother to research, is how the USADA has the authority to strip Armstrong of anything… Especially a title he won in France! Thus my tongue-in-cheek laying of the blame on the White House lawn like a stinky pile of dog poo.

In fact, the move by the USADA stinks even more than the doo-doo. Actually, to hell with it. After this, I’m pushing my Congressman to open an investigation into the USADA. That’s right folks… If you love Lance – or hate the over-reach of one more pseudo-government organization pulling this crap, call or write your Congressperson and demand an investigation into the USADA. Technically, that’s how it’s done in America.

Of course, the really funny part is that most of the second place guys that the titles could go to retired with far darker clouds over their careers, than that of Armstrong, for doping.

That’s alright fellas, you can give ’em to me… I can average 20 mph on automobile congested streets and I’m squeaky clean – I haven’t even had a beer in 20 years, let alone any dope.


  1. Great article! According the the USADA you are guilty until proven innocent and screw the statute of limitations.

  2. is this true? Lance has been stripped of EVERY title? wow. unbelievable.

  3. gsterb says:

    A man who rides a bike, who beat an illness, a father who lives a life, who won 7 TDF titles, who set up a charity organisation to help thousands raising over $500m, never failing a dope test……,like or loathe the man, he is to be somehow admired?

    • bgddyjim says:

      He said it best in Dodgeball.

    • I don’t think there are too many people out there that loathe him, but as you say a man that trained his whole life to get those 7 titles, admirably fought cancer, won and set up a fantastic charity in his name – why did he give up the fight with the USADA so easily? Most probably because he is guilty of cheating throughout his whole career. Whether you believe the USADA to have the sufficient authority, it would appear that he is a long term cheat and the outcome would be correct.

  4. nomeatbarefeet says:

    Perhaps he is just sick of saying the same thing over and over. That an organization has the power (from where?) to strip him of his titles that he won in France (great point!) is ridiculous. Just let the man be.

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