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Squeeeeeze – Don’t Suck… The Water Bottle


August 2012

Oh the nutty sh!t I can come up with.

If there’s one crazy thing I’ve learned as a noob cyclist – without the help of the internet, it’s squeeze the water out of the bottle, don’t suck it out. If this makes you scratch your head, listen up because this tip is worth about 10 seconds every time I take a drink. Over 100 miles, that’s a lot of seconds.

The reasoning is simple. When you’re actually working on that bike, you’re breathing heavy. You have to stop breathing heavy to suck water out of your water bottle. Once you’re done you’ve gotta catch your breathing up so you can get oxygen to your now deprived muscles… It takes at least 20 seconds to recoup and during that time you’ll ride slower.

If you squeeze the bottle, forcing the water into your mouth you can continue to breathe while your mouth is filling – and squeezing the water out will fill your face 2-3 times faster than trying to suck. With practice, taking a good drink can be done in a second, maybe two at the most.

If you squeeze, the recovery time is minimal (if at all) so you don’t lose pace.

Don’t believe me? Think I’m crazy? Watch the cycling championships going on in Colorado right now.

The clip is a little harsh in the language – make sure the sound is down if kids are around. If you’re a nun, don’t press play. (P.S. My mom was a nun – or technically very close to it, so don’t give me any grief).

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