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A Big Day For Big Daddy!

I entered into a drawing for a new pair of Pearl Izumi Try Fly IV Carbon cycling shoes over at College Tri – and won!   Those bad boys are going to look good on the 5200 (and, er, uh…my feet)!  Special thanks to College Tri, please give him a look if you get a chance.

Also – and this is with a special wink and a nod to Elisariva (who should be looking to the heavens and rolling her eyes in…  Three…two…one) I was asked (and have accepted) to review a new fit/diet tracking app.  Now for those who have read more than a couple of posts on this blog, I don’t have an eating problem – I pretty much eat whatever my little heart desires, so this should be funny!  I’ll release more info on that as it becomes available.  I can assure you, I will be as honest and forthright as humanly possible.

Resting Heart Rate…

Mrs. BgddyJim was laying with her head rested on my chest the other evening and she remarked that it was funny how slow my heart beats now. I don’t exactly make it a point to check it that regularly but…

Last year my resting heart rate was around 58 and I was quite happy with that. Even with a fairly regular running schedule I’d only ever been able to get to 70 beats per minute (bpm).

After two cups of coffee, and in the middle of work Friday morning, I checked it again… 52.

Here’s the chart of import:

Heart Rate Chart: Babies to Adults

AGE Beats Per Minute (BPM)
Babies to Age 1 100 – 160
Children ages 1-10 60 – 140
Children age 10+ and adults 60 – 100
Athletes: 40 – 60

That last one… Athletes: 40 – 60 and I’m smack dab in the middle. I love that!

I once did the math to figure out how many fewer times my heart would beat in a year because I dropped from 70 to 58 bpm… It worked out to 6,307,200. It’s now at 9,460,800 fewer beats per year because I’m even more fit.

Being fit doesn’t guarantee that I’ll live a longer life – there’s even an outside chance that I could die of a heart attack… I know a lot of people point to certain people of fitness who have died early as “evidence” that fitness doesn’t really matter that much. My standard response, of course, is “Yeah, like Jack LaLanne“. I’d rather my odds at 155 lbs with a resting heart rate of 52 than my odds at 195 with a rhr of 70.

Click on the link and listen to the speech… That’s what I’m talking about, baby! WOOHOO!

In all seriousness though, the idea that someone would die early because of fitness, or that one should be content with becoming a blob because a couple of popular runners died sooner than some believe they should have, is preposterous.  I would say it is more likely that those folks would have died a lot sooner had they not been fit.

Road Bike or Mountain Bike. Which Is More Popular

Well, that search question led someone to my blog, “What is more popular, the road or mountain bike”?  I’ve never really delved into “which is more popular” because the answers to questions of popularity are usually highly subjective and based on experience.

The question can be answered fairly though, the mountain bike wins hands down – so much so that most people don’t know that the road bike is the more comfortable of the two – but the point can absolutely be argued against legitimately.

Even with the advent cheap shocks, mountain bikes are much less expensive and much more dependable – especially in terms of bent rims, flat tires and such.

Look at it this way, retail on my road bike (and admittedly, it’s high-end) was $2,600. My mountain bike, while a decent bike is only entry-level high-end, but cost less than $400 or consider that I bought both used… $700 for the road bike and $100 for the mountain bike. The mountain bike is far more accessible considering cost.

Beyond that, when you consider the versatility of a mountain bike contrasted with the limits of a road bike, that the mountain bike is more popular only makes sense.

However, the limits of a road bike notwithstanding, from a social standpoint, the popularity of cycling clubs is something to behold – though some of the tailgate parties I’ve seen thrown by mountain bikers are amazing in their own right.

So to recap this fairly (at least IMO), the road bike slightly edges the mountain bike in terms social standing while the mountain bike trounces the road bike in cost, reliability and durability (or just about everything else).

Sexy baby.

Now, there is one more factor that I didn’t cover because it is a bit vain… So vain, in fact, that I doubt many road bikers would even cop to it (and may even argue against).  While mountain bikes are generally reliable, durable and cost-effective, road bikes have a quality that a mountain bike can’t touch:  They’re sexy. Fair or not, nothing beats someone in matching kit, helmet and sunglasses… Toned, ripped muscular legs turning the crank as they glide down the road at better than 20 mph…  I get more “wow’s”, happy honks, waves and hello’s on my road bike than I have gotten on my mountain bike –  we’re talking a 50-1 ratio.

I’ve covered everything I can think of at the moment – if you’ve got anything to add, please feel free.