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Thank You Beyer For The Best Pain Reliever EVAH!!!


August 2012

Being an exercise junky I tend to run into some painful discomfort from time to time.  Whether it’s a sore neck, shoulders or my guns, because I don’t take very many days off during the summer, I can run into a day or two a month where I’m hurting too much to rest comfortably.  In fact, prior to cycling and wearing a bite guard at night, I’d run into a couple of days a week that I’d have to deal with back pain that was too unbearable to even sit in a recliner with…  The bite guard, I wrote about here and has given me a new lease on life, a level of pain-free enjoyment that was previously impossible.  On those uncomfortable days, usually days off when the guns finally get a minute to stop smoking, I reach for – every time.  I love Aleve.  I love the fact that I can literally feel it the second it kicks in, the pain melt away.  It works every time, never fails.

Last night was a rest night.  I’ve been going for 13 days in a row and I was finally beat.  Long about 5 pm I started tensing up.  First my neck, then my shoulders, then my back and legs – it was an all-over kind of hurt.  Two Aleve and 20 minutes later and I was smiling.

Aleve isn’t without its problems…  One of which I must be accutely aware.  It’s very hard on the liver, and as a recovering alcoholic the last thing I want to do is mess with my liver any more (I’ve put that sucker through enough).  In the days before my night-time bite guard this meant following the dosing instructions on the bottle.  Today I don’t have to worry about that so much as two is all I’ll need for the pain to go away completely.

Sure enough, here I sit at my desk, good to go for tonight’s club ride.  Thanks Beyer.

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