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Search Term for the Week… You Got Here – HOW?


August 2012

Holy cats, Batman what did you search to get to my blog: “i have a sword good for seppuku”

I’m sure you do, just point that thing…uh, err… Oh, now that’s gonna leave a stain… “Hello, 911? I have a problem… Yeah, the nature of my problem is that some dude just committed seppuku on my carpet… Huh, no, you can’t clean that up with with paper towels… Yes, I know you can’t just call 911… Listen lady, some dude just cut his guts out to get to my blog… S-E-P-P-U-K-U, ritual suicide – not septic poo!!! Can you please send somebody? No, I won’t touch anything… Hey, is that flinching thing normal? Thanks…. Man that’s kinda cool lookin’, in a gross way. What? Two hours? Damn.

Oh, now I get it… I forgot about that post. Man that was funny. If you haven’t seen “Emails from an @$$hole”, do give it a look – it’s funny for about 20 minutes but gets a little old.

Oh, and one more: “25.4 mph on a mountain bike”.

Yeah, downhill – with a tailwind… Or you just happen to be riding with Lance Armstrong and he lets you tie a rope around his waist and drags you around to add a little resistance.

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