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Slim Kicker Day Three – Success, Finally


August 2012

I’ve completed my third day of Slim Kicker for my review of the app and I’m finally having some success.

In reviewing the app, I went into the endeavor eyes open… I already happen to be Slim and I am absolutely an @$$ Kicker on a bike (in case you didn’t know, I’m kind of a big deal around here). The point is, I don’t need motivation to stay thin or to get out and exercise – I find my peace on a bike.  I wrote a post about my first day that can be accessed here (it also has my disclaimer).

I also already had a great diet going – I’ve maintained my weight 155-157 for several weeks now after I finally started eating more – I brought my weight back up.  And I have the added bonus of loving almost everything I eat.

The problem I had was that I never knew how balanced my diet actually was, I had to guess.  Slim Kicker has provided the guide. My first two days were benchmark days, to get an understanding of where I’m at.  My sodium and carbs were through the roof, almost double where Slim Kicker says they should be.  I’m not worried about sodium, I sweat a lot on my bike – every day, so I need more than most and if I had to guess (and I do), Slim Kicker is probably based on a low sodium diet and we now know that too little sodium is worse than too much.  Based on how much I sweat, on a daily basis, I can’t stick to a low sodium diet – my performance would tank (I experienced this last year).  I’ve got an email into the staff requesting further details on their sodium count.

Beyond that, what did have me concerned was the carbs and protein – for the first two days I was way low on protein and way high on carbs. If I’m reading the pros correctly, too many carbs makes the body burn carbs – not fat. So I was able to make an adjustment to bring that balance back into check by adding a two-scoop protein shake or two.

Also, and this was a little puzzling, I was low on cholesterol and fat (even with that huge Burger King dinner on Tuesday night). Those were also raised yesterday to acceptable levels.

So while the program may not be designed for someone of my awesomeness (I’ll be leveling up on Saturday – only five days into the program), it is proving to be an invaluable tool in understanding my diet. Another excellent feature of the program is the ability to tweak on the fly. For lunch yesterday I ate a Jimmy John’s roast beef sub (I wanted to see if that was enough to boost the protein without killing the carbs – it worked so I’ll be sticking to homemade meat sammiches from now on) – I got an iced tea and a bag of sea salt and vinegar chips with it… I loaded the chips in after the sub and watched my sodium soar past the acceptable level so I simply didn’t open the bag and took it off of my list. Sodium back to acceptable. As well, I can change portion sizes to match my needed intake for the day. I can’t say enough about that – it takes the guesswork out, and that I love.

I have already recommended it to my running buddy Dennis, he’s struggled for some time to get control of his weight even though he does run quite a bit. Slim Kicker will be perfect for him. He won’t get into the level-up game aspect of it (he is an old fart) but I have no doubt the easy tracking of his diet – and it is incredibly easy – will be right up his alley.

For others, especially for those just getting into healthy lifestyle changes, I highly recommend this app. It’s not perfect but, as far as I can tell, it will absolutely get the job done.

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