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S#!tt!ng Bricks

Yesterday I followed up a hard 25 mile ride into a 15 mph wind with a swim down at the running club. Today rather than riding 50, I decided to ride 12, run 6.2, then ride back 18 more with a little swim and some kayaking with my eldest daughter in between.

Basically, you could say I’m s#!tt!ng bricks.

I blew my pseudo diet yesterday because my left arm started cramping while I was out swimming – when I cramp up, I know something is off…

Today I felt a lot better after a huge dinner last night and a decent breakfast this morning. In fact, where 17.5 mph was tough yesterday, I averaged 19.2 down to the running club, followed that up with a nice negative split 10k (8:55/8:20) and the a 20 mph ride back into a 5 mph breeze.

In the end, I’m going with my normal diet, but I’ll keep the protein shakes (they taste great anyway).

It was a fantastic tri day, well a little more than a tri but who’s counting, and there was a great crowd at the running club…



National Bike Challenge Concludes – 9th Overall In Michigan

The National Bike Challenge has concluded for the summer. I’ve written about it a few times before. The final numbers for August are in and I finished 10th out of 589 participants in Michigan (Top 1.6%) for August! Nationally I ranked 588 of 30,389 for the month (Top 2%).

I didn’t mess around a lot with the Endomondo Challenges this summer, I had enough of my own going on with all of the high mileage rides I did. Last year though, they provided a lot of motivation and inspiration – much of which has been made up for in writing this blog.

The National Bike Challenge was designed to “raise awareness” for cyclists across America so I joined in. They started off with a pretty big field in May with around 20-25,000 if memory serves. The field has grown to over 30,000 Nationwide.

For May, I started off strong locally and secured 7th place. For June I slid to 14th and fell even further in July to 23rd (vacation, tapering and days off held me back). I righted the ship in August though.

I rode and ran, last month, 684 miles – a personal best by almost 50 miles. I burned in excess of 36,000 calories for the month and really had a blast in the process.  Final places overall were 9th Locally and 576th Nationwide.

Matt and I after finishing the Century on August 19th.

As far as the summer goes, and we’ve still got a couple of months of cycling weather left, I’ve made some great new friends in the Tuesday night crew and my enjoyment of cycling has grown exponentially in the last six months…  And that certainly matters a whole lot more than 9th place in an Endomondo Challenge (It does feel pretty cool though).