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The Cannondale 3.0 Criterium Is A Frame…

September 2012

When you look at an old Cannondale, a very cultish, hip frame that comes up in conversation is the old Cannondale Criterium 3.0.

This is a frame, it is not a full bike ‘model’ as it were. This fact threw me for a loop at first too, so if you searched for the marking on the bike, and ended up on this post, your next task is to figure out which model your Criterium frame goes to… My wife’s is an SR-400 from 1990.

The weight, 3.0 pounds, is the 3.0 in the writing – pretty light for an aluminum frame.

The “Criterium” part refers to the frame’s size, they call ’em compact nowadays. They’ve got a shorter wheel base and the bottom bracket is a touch higher than the racing frame so the rider can navigate the tighter corners normal in a criterium race… A circuit track, usually short with tight, fast corners. Watch your top tube length – the crit frames have a short top tube so you may need a longer stem and to back your saddle up a smidge.

To find out which model you have, do as I did… Scour the vintage Cannondale website for the manuals until you bump on the right one… That’s how I found out which ours is.

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