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Daily Archives: September 9, 2012

Saturday Is Brick Day

I had another fun, if tough, brick day yesterday. We had rain Friday night into early Saturday morning. As the rain cleared out, we got some cool temperatures. We were also slated to get some high winds but those came later.

I headed out with the sun peaking through the clouds, arm warmers and cool weather tights on. I had a steady breeze from the northwest so three out of the first four miles were decent but I was fighting a cross wind or head wind for the last eight. With my 200k on tap for next Saturday, yesterday’s brick was more about getting the miles in than time so I took it pretty easy. I started the run with my buddy Dennis and did the full 7.2 mile run this week. After finishing and eating a few tacos I headed out for what I knew was going to be a grind of a ride home – the wind had picked up, big time, 15 mph with gusts up to 25. I would be heading into the wind for the first 15 miles of the 18 mile ride home. I wasn’t mistaken about the trip being a grind, it was a bear…bad enough that I actually had to laugh a few times. One of those rides where you hope for a climb just to escape the pounding of the wind for a second. I wound up finishing about a half a mile an hour faster than I figured I would walking out the door (18 even). After that slow 7 mile run, the ride home really hurt. I’m actually contemplating taking today off… I might be truly tired out. Yesterday was my 25th day with only one day off, twelve days prior. I suppose I’ll see how I feel – I have a tough time shaking the fact that two months from now I’ll be into the last weeks of the riding season (for me), or worse, watching the snow fly wishing I could be outside on the road.

Whatever I do later today, I had a great ride/run/ride yesterday and I’m looking forward to bowling season kicking off tonight.