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I LOVE The Mileage Stickers


And venison…


So does Zeus:


Rest, Whether I Needed It Or Not

I hate days off.  I’m antsy all day at work, then doubly so when I get home.  I very well could have gone out for a ride on Wednesday.  I know I could have gotten a ride in yesterday but the weather report was iffy and the rain was supposed to move in around 4 but be out by 7 this morning.  That has changed and now it’s supposed to be clear by 9 am.  The point, though, remains; I hate taking days off but I do it anyway because A) “They” say I need the rest and B) I don’t want to lose my enthusiasm for cycling more than I hate taking a day off now and again.

I have no dog in the hunt when it comes to whether or not to rest.  There are plenty of fellas out there who do crazy things, like run marathons every day for weeks on end. Pro cyclists ride over a hundred miles a day, every day for weeks on end.  You’ve got folks who ride (or run) every day to get across the US – so whycan’t I ride an average of 20-30 miles a day without a break?  I really don’t know, they just say I can’t, so I take a day off every couple of weeks when/if if “feel” tired.  I’ve written quite often that I do feel tired from time to time, so I plan a day off and then spend the whole day wondering why I’m not out riding.  It’s kind of a joke the way I go back and forth on the rest thing, really, but I do feel better afterwards, so I suck it up and take my time off.

Now, as far as problems go, this is a good one to have.

Today is going to be a big day for getting everything ready for tomorrow.  I decided to trade out my rear tire for a new one – the one I’ve got on there now has about 3,500 miles on it – plenty of tread left, but I just think it’s a wise move as I’ll be, at the farthest point, 62 miles from my car – and my car will be about 60 miles from home.  Do the math, and a flat that can’t be fixed could be disasterous.  On top of that, I’ll be taking a ride with Mrs. BgddyJim and gettng my shoes sorted at the bike shop later this afternoon.  Somewhere in there I still have to clean and lube my chain – oh, and I’ve got about a quarter of a million dollars worth of quotes to get out before all of that.  I don’t talk much about work, but if you ever get a chance, try playing Monopoly with $250,000 that you don’t have to lose.  It’ll put life in perspective.

In short, life sure isn’t easy right now, but it sure ain’t boring either.