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Daily Archives: September 15, 2012

10, 9, 8, 7…

4:00 am

I’m up, a half hour before the alarm. Coffee is brewing, still shaking the cobwebs out. I opted to bring my backpack on this ride. Temps around start time will be in the high 30’s – too cold for just arm warmers so I’ll be packing my jacket and full finger gloves for the first couple of hours.

I got all of the maintenance done on my bike, plus found out a few more items that I’ll be adding in the future – more on that another day. I also completely cleaned everything, took the wheels off, the whole nine yards. I must say, my bike is looking pretty awesome. My brand new shoes are ready for their maiden voyage, cleats aligned and ready to go – I can’t wait to write the review on them tomorrow…

Ah, sweet coffee… I feel… Better.

5:00 am

Manscaping and shower… The most uncomfortable part of long distance cycling is chafing. Body hair causes friction which causes chafing. Short hair lessens, if not eliminates, chafing. Enough said.

5:40 am

Pre-ride breakfast. Bowl of cereal (whole milk), 2 bananas and an apple.

6:00 am





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