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Century Crazy!… Thank You Sir, May I Have Another?

September 2012

One of my favorite lines that I’ve written is, “The only thing I like more than a 15 mile ride is a 50 mile ride”.  It still holds true, even if the mileage has increased a wee bit.

Another Century popped up on the radar so I’ll be hitting it one more time.  I’ll spend some time over the next couple of days trying to figure out the plan for this one (weather permitting of course, we are talking about late September in Michigan).  Who knows, maybe I just ride this one for fun, though I doubt it – that’s what my 200k was for.  I think what I’ll do is continue to test that caffeine hypothesis I put together a couple of weeks ago.  I’ll have to see who’s participating.

So that’ll be a 100k in April, a 90 mile’r in July, two centuries in August and a 200k and a century in September.  I’m actually quite pleased with the progress – and the fact that as much as I rode, I didn’t get burned out in the least, though admittedly, I am looking forward to the rest of spinning four days a week in my office.

More on that in another post.

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