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Sloan Century Pushed Back 1 Week…Time For Two In A Row


September 2012

I’m back on top for Michigan in the Endomondo/National Bike Challenge stats for Michigan after having to take last weekend off with a cold.  I’d written the chance of staying on top off, but I was obviously mistaken.  My lead, however, is slim.  As of this morning it’s only seven points…

Originally, I was quite fired up because I’ll be riding in the Sloan Museum century that starts in Flint on the last day of the month, so I was certain that I’d have an insurmountable lead with 100 miles worth of points on the last day.  Unfortunately the ride had to be pushed back to next Saturday so I was going to be under the gun to make up the miles.  Well as luck would have it, my wife is taking the kids up north to go camping with her mother – which leaves me free to ride my butt off over the weekend.  I’m going to be heading up north with the fam and bringing my bike with me so from there I’ll head down to Midland to do the Pere-Marquette rail trail again – I’m really excited now, I love that trail and to be able to ride it again so soon is a real treat.

This time I’ve invited my accountant and her husband along for an easier cruise.  I won’t be doing the 200k again – depending on whether or not they go my overall distance will change.  If they do, we’ll take an easy ride out to Clare, have a nice lunch and head back for something around a 100k.  If that happens, I’ll have to go for a shorter 30 miler or so on Sunday.  If, on the other hand, I’m riding solo again, I’ll be on the hook for 100 miles, in which case I can probably take Sunday off – if I really want to, and I doubt that I’ll really want to.  😉

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