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Specialized Espoir Sport 1,500 Mile Review

September 2012

On August 10th I wrote about a new Specialized tire that I’d installed on my bike, the Espoir Sport with black belt flat protection… After 300 miles, I gave the tire a pretty good review, after 1,500 miles I could simply copy and paste the 300 mile review. The tire has been perfect, has barely begun showing signs of wear (you really have to look close), and hasn’t flatted once. For what they retail for you just can’t beat them. I’ll be picking up two more this winter for next year.

I purchased both from my LBS, full price, minus my club discount.


  1. fabian says:

    I have been riding on Espoir sport with double balckbelt puncture protection and haven’t got any flats after 1000kms (approx 700miles).
    They are tough as rocks I even rode them off the road on gravels, sands, woods, etc.
    I think they can go forever without flats. Super tough tyres. They might have a bit of extra rolling resistance but it worth the toughness. Recommended for training and coast to coast ride.

  2. […] August I wrote an equally glowing 1,500 mile review of the Espoir Sport tire, this is simply an extension of that […]

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