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Map My Ride Vs. Endomondo

October 2012

I’ve tried out Map My Ride on my last two bike rides because some of the guys in our cycling club write-up maps using that program. Compared with Endomondo there’s a lot to like, and some other things to dislike.

In the plus column for Map My Ride (MMR) is battery use. MMR is pretty decent when it comes to battery life, I only used 60% of my battery life on my 5 hour century yesterday, or 12% per hour. Endomondo is usually around 13.6% per hour.

On the negative side, there are a few things I don’t like. First, MMR is far more clunky with the data and the app in general. With Endo, the program presents the data in a much more user-friendly way… Take splits for example, with Endo you can see every split on the app. With MMR you actually have to go to your web page to get that information.

Second, the auto-pause feature on MMR is way worse than Endo. With Endo you loose 20-30 second before it pauses, and it’s hypersensitive to the restart so if you so much as tilt your bike too much it may restart on you while you’re waiting on a train. MMR simply doesn’t pause at all. We stopped for a total of 19 minutes over the 100 mile ride and MMR picked up every minute (and yes, auto-pause is turned on).

Finally, the calories seem to be way off. I’ll have to tinker with that on the web page settings, I can’t remember if I entered my weight or not. If I didn’t The overage would be due to bad default data, but again, this has to be done from the computer, with Endomondo you can make adjustments on the app.

I’m not writing MMR off quite yet, but it’s not looking good. While the battery savings are nice, Endo has already proven it can handle a 125 mile, 7 hour ride with 9% to spare… That’s good enough. I could live with the clunkiness of the app, and even the high calorie consumption – but what I hate is the lack of quality data on the app itself.  Better yet, I looked at the route on my iPhone browser and it showed the splits and a nice graph – and for some reason on my computer I’m getting a message that the route wasn’t recorded with my iPhone so the information is no longer accessible – my fastest century ever and I can’t access the data.  Nice:  “No splits and graphs are available for this workout   This is likely because the workout was not recorded with a device that captures detailed workout data.   Please use one of the following options to record your workouts, and Splits and Graphs will be available for workouts you save.”

I’ll be sticking with Endomondo, thank you very much.


  1. magnuminsp says:

    I have tried all of the apps that there are, at least all I can find. I have an Android phone, but I think all of the programs are available for the IPhone.

    So far, it appears that the Nike app has the best features. I use Endo as a backup tracker as the voice interval coach is a pain to operate. Cardio Trainer is a good app, but, doesn’t work well with the run/walk interval trainer I use. Sports Tracker is also a good app for data collection. You can download the data and transfer it to Endo if you want.

    The problem I have with MMY is that for whatever reason, if you use a bluetooth headset, the sound doesn’t come through the headphones.

    What I generally do is to simulate a run or ride at my desk running the different apps to see which ones I want to use. I have used all of them at once with the sound muted on all but one.

    • bgddyjim says:

      In the end I’ll stick with Endomondo – I can get all of the information I want, easily and right on the app. I’d had high hopes for MMR because a lot of the guys I ride with use it, but it’s just not as good as Endo.

      I may try the Nike one next season though. Thanks for the input.

  2. funkbunny77 says:

    I started with MapMyRide and love it. I never made the switch to Endomondo (downloaded the app but never used it) but recently switched over to Strava and have been pleased because I not only get Strava data but can export the GPX and upload it to Endomondo and MMR for their purposes.

    (Yes, I track my data across three websites/apps. It’s incredibly annoying but each one has benefits that another doesn’t have – MMR has my full cycling history; Endomondo for the summer bike challenge and now to track stats with my commuter friends; Strava for fun and the data is good too).

    My biggest beef with MMR is it eats battery life for breakfast and I suspect that’s because you have your GPS being tracked on a visual map instead of behind the scenes. I’ve also found the elevation gain to be significantly different from maps on Ride with GPS. I don’t have a separate GPS in my cyclometer so my guess is someday I will switch to a GPS-enabled unit and simply upload the data instead of draining my phone for data.

    • bgddyjim says:

      LOL… Good illustration of exactly how much it takes to get everything just right. One of these days they’ll make an app that does it all. Till that day…

      • magnuminsp says:

        Try getting five apps to run at once at 52 years old with failing vision! I am a member of the Endo community and have posed these question, getting everything in one app, to them. They said they were working on it.

        Like I said, if you have some spare time, try the other apps out at your desk. MMY was my favorite as it was accurate and had the adjustable voice prompts, which Endo doesn’t.

      • bgddyjim says:

        They’ve got the adjustable voice prompts for the iPhone. I can turn it off, up or down. I’ll give them a look-see.

  3. elisariva says:

    I prefer Ride With GPS over MMR for desktop data. My Garmin feeds to RWGand analyzing an incredible amount. Downside – no app. Have your tried Cyclemeter? I used it a few times. Very cool app. Several cyclists I know use it in place of a Garmin Edge.

  4. Chatter says:

    I bought my phone before getting active. It is way too huge to use for anything fitness related (Samsung Note – think half way between tablet and phone). Fortunately I bought a Timex global trainer which comes with an attachment to attach it to the handlebars (it works for swim/bike/run). Worked well this weekend to tell me how fast I went and customizable interval settings worked well. Also, it comes with Training peaks basic which is not bad.

  5. chilebean says:

    Is there a way to automatically send endomondo stats to a blog, such as a blog?
    Or should I try some other app, like RunKeeper or Nike?

    • bgddyjim says:

      You can export the workouts… I don’t bother getting that deep into it, though every once in a while a graph will prove useful – in that case I copy the graph and paste it to a new bitmap image, save it as a jpeg and upload it to WP.

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