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Not Quite Minimalist, But…

October 2012

I’m heading out tomorrow for my second first ever trail run and I’m fairly fired up about it. Our group has grown from three to four so I’ll be running with three of my best running buddies, out in the wilderness, just at the end of peak color season – it’s going to be awesome.

Sadly, I was woefully unprepared as far as trail running shoes go. I could have worn my bright, shiny white AdiZero road shoes and been just fine, though I’d have ended up with muddy shoes – I hate white, muddy shoes. Fortunately I’m a little too much of an equipment junky to do that so I picked up a new pair of trail shoes today…


They’re about as close to minimalist as I’ll ever get… They’ve got a memory foam sole. It feels like maybe four millimeters thick. At first I didn’t like them but they’re really growing on me… I tried them on while I was out shoe shopping with the wife before date night with the misses last night.


I know what you’re thinking fellas, shoe shopping with the wife?! Well boys, those points don’t accumulate on their own… This is why they say marriage takes work, so we grabbed a couple of grande mochas at the Coffee Beanery and walked around the mall for a bit last night. The trick to keeping the point grab to a reasonable – so as not to accumulate too many points all at once, is to go shopping with only an hour and a half remaining before the mall closes. This way the wife gets to go shopping with her man, and you’re assured that the torture will be short-lived!

Smart livin’ gents, smart livin’.


  1. tischcaylor says:

    Those are cool shoes. (I’m tempted to grab a Sharpie and draw a similar design on the bottom of my road beaters.)

    • bgddyjim says:

      LOL! Now that would be funny. I thought the foot was a bit odd myself, but they feel pretty good so I’ll live with it.

      They feel quite good, a little less cushion than my road shoes… They should be perfect for the dirt.

  2. isaac976 says:

    The soles are pretty cute.. they even have the foot print on it. How do you find the shoe out of 5 stars ?

    • bgddyjim says:

      Just stumbled on them out shopping with the wife. I thought the footprint was goofy too, but whatever – they’re relatively comfortable and they’re dark so I can get ’em muddy. They also have a decent tread on them, and I’ve ridden the trail we’ll be running – traction will be a requirement… It’s a technical, hilly trail.

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