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Trail Running…

My trail run this morning was fantastic. We were moving pretty good for running on a very technical mountain bike trail, somewhere in the mid to upper eight minute mile range for 5-1/2 miles with just under 1,100 feet of climbing.

Unfortunately, I didn’t quite have my shoes tied tightly enough so I ended up with blisters on both of my big toes because many of the obstacles were obscured by fallen leaves. I was also surprised at how unsteady my ankles were… You figure you ride a ton, run a bit, you’re in fantastic shape – you’re light and nimble… A 5-1/2 mile trail run shouldn’t be much of a big deal. Uh, yeah, I was wrong. My ankles were protesting rather loudly on the last mile.

Otherwise, it was a perfect day for a run. Upper 40’s, sunny and for once, no wind. Running with my friends was extra special. First, I’ve never been able to keep up with them – they’re both in that next level of runner category – but the cycling has made keeping up a lot easier.

After we finished, we decided to make it a regular thing for the foreseeable future. We’re all busy guys so I can only hope that this works out.

Afterwards the wife and I took the kids for an easy spin around the neighborhood on the mountain bikes. Next up is dinner followed by bowling. Thankfully this week I didn’t ride a hundred miles before bowling so I’m looking forward to not running out of gas in the middle of the second (of 3) game.

Happy Sunday.


Spectators at a children’s triathlon had to hold back tears when an 11-year-old cancer survivor whose prosthetic leg broke mid-race was spotted crossing the finish line on the back of a US Marine.

Ben Baltz was competing in the 1.6km running portion of the mini-triathlon in Florida on Sunday — after completing a 140m swim and 6.4km bike run — when a screw on his mechanical leg came loose and the limb snapped in half.

Ben has been using a prosthetic since the age of six, when he was diagnosed with bone cancer in his right leg and had his fibula and tibia removed.

At the Sea Turtle Tri kids triathlon at Opal Beach, Pensacola, local Marines who had volunteered to help monitor the course ran over to the young boy, picked him up and carried him the rest of the way.

“Ladies and gentlemen, I want you to turn…

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