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Thanks For The Faith No More…

October 2012

I read a post on a blog last night that had the video for Faith No More’s Falling To Pieces video embedded in it.

Quite stupidly I clicked on the play button and was immediately thrust back to my rebellious youth – my awkward teenage years behind me, I had it all…  I was 19 years old.  In ’89 I had the hottest girlfriend on the planet (think Ginger Lynn at 21 – only pretty), a great job, later I was actually maintaining passing grades in college, and hadn’t spun out – yet…  Life was awesome.

So anyway I’m listening to Falling To Pieces on youtube – on my phone, while flipping to iTunes and spending a small fortune on Faith No More albums with all of that awesomeness that was my 19th year above grass flooding in…  My poor daughter didn’t know what to think – as she’s watching Sponge Bob and begging me to turn it down.

I can’t find found the post with help – even though I commented on it – and I know I follow your blog…  Just wanted to say THANKS!

For those who require clarification (and sure as shit stinks, you’re out there):  My wife is now, and has been for more than 17 years, the only woman in my world.


  1. try366 says:

    You’re welcome Jim. Anything that gets more people listening to (prime) Faith No More is good in my books.

  2. aaronwest says:

    Now that is a blast from the past. Love old Faith No More. Thanks for the memories from the same time period.

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