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100 Miles To Go…

October 2012

100 miles to go – well, technically 98 but who’s counting.  I started off the year with a goal of 4,000 all-purpose miles by December 31st.  I blew by that in early September – and now I’ve got just under 100 miles to go to hit 5,000.

I’d put a guess at sometime next week.  Earlier in the season I’d have that done before Sunday, but I haven’t put those kinds of efforts in for a couple of weeks now.  I’m all about maintaining my fitness until next season, but I’m in my third week of a much-needed break (50 miles a week instead of 150-200) that I’ve been enjoying thoroughly.  My diet has reflected this cutback as well – I’m not eating anywhere near the food I was at my peak…  I was really quite nervous about the transition but it’s gone a lot better that anticipated.

I did have to set my break aside for a few days though – we just went through a two-day summer that absolutely required a couple of good rides.  On Wednesday I remembered to bring my bike home but left my shoes at the office – so I was mountain bike-bound.  I went out with the wife and kids for a couple and then followed that up with a nice 16 mph dirt road ride.  Then, yesterday I went out for a nice 16 miles in 20-30 mile per hour winds.  It was comical to say the least.  My fourth mile time, on the way out, was 2:15 seconds.  I hit 33 mph – on the flat.  Of course, on the way back it was hard to maintain 13 mph – and the miles where I had a crosswind were laugh inducing because I had to lean into the wind so much…  But at 80 degrees – in October, I couldn’t have possibly cared less.  I had a smile on my face the whole time.  The weather over the next several days is going to be much cooler (30-40 degrees) but I’ll probably go for a couple of rides in between a run and cutting the grass/leaves.

Who’d have thunk it – 5,000 miles in one year.  That’s a pretty big deal for me. – about 10 times what used to be normal.


  1. Sandra says:

    That is AWESOME!

  2. elisariva says:

    Dude, that is a big deal for anyone! Good job!

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