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Oh, I So Missed My Trainer…


October 2012

So it’s been a few days on the trainer now, with a ride or two thrown in there just for fun and it hasn’t been so bad – at least not as bad as I remembered from March, of course if you give me a few more months cooped up in my office I’ll be singing a different tune (of course that still beats the gym).  The truth is though, I really hate riding in the crap more than I hate being cooped up so there’s that…  But no traffic, no left turns, no stop lights or stop signs and no headwinds…  And Fifty bucks says come February I’ll be praying for fresh air and a little wind.

For now, it is what it is and while I’ll throw in outdoor rides where I can, I gotta tell you, I’m happy.  For a half hour or 45 minutes it’s just a good movie and a spin at lunch.

I’m really happy with the new trainer too, it’s a bit harder to pedal on than the one I used last year and that’s definitely a good thing.  I could lie and say I’ve got some ornate  training plan with special food, wildly intricate interval schedules and that I’ve got my on and off days scheduled out weeks in advance – but I don’t and I’m certainly not planning on putting too much time or effort into putting anything together.  Next year, at least from where I’m sitting now will look a lot like this year because I’ve come a long way since last summer but I’ve changed a little bit too.  Last January I was ready to race – triathlons, a couple of Olympic lengths and a Half Iron Man, maybe a few 5k’s and a 10 miler, but somewhere in there I found out that I don’t want to forsake the riding for the races and that’s when I changed…  I really don’t care if I ever race (at least that’s where I am today) because to get good enough to do that will be work.  I don’t want a 25 mile ride to be work with certain warm up times, followed by intervals, followed by cool downs…  I just wanna ride, so that’s what I’m going to do, because for now, it’s all about the journey.

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  1. elisariva says:

    It is always about the journey! (Whether we are crazy or awesome)

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