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Corso’s Corn… Chall… Is Everyone At ESPN Stupid?

November 2012

This is a racy post. You have been warned.

ESPN has a new game out for the iPhone, quaintly named:

Corso’s Corn Hole Challenge.

Humorously enough, it’s a beanbag toss game in which you attempt to toss a beanbag through Lee Corso’s mouth which is, admittedly large.

Unfortunately ESPN is staffed with complete idiots because a “corn hole” is most assuredly not a mouth. In fact, it’s another orifice entirely – that’s right boys and girls. The picture on the game board, of Lee Corso’s face is all wrong. He should be grabbing his ankles.

You can’t make this up. The definition for Corn Hole is rectum.

How stupid do you have to be to work in the marketing department for ESPN?


  1. JustI says:

    Not a kernel of intelligence at ESPN!

  2. Huck says:

    And Corso consented to putting his name on the game? Hmmm.

    • bgddyjim says:

      I’d guess the poor old guy didn’t know any better in terms of literal meaning. That said, there was a younger kid working for ESPN who is laughing his butt off.

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