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Let The Party (Parties?) Begin!!!

“Today I will marry my best friend…”

That’s how our wedding invitation started. It was absolutely right on. Mrs. BgddyJim is my best friend. We met at a sober young people’s dinner/dance in Jun of ’95. Oh man was she hot. Long brown hair, pretty smile and a fantastic, tight a$$… And when she looked at me her eyes and smile said, “Holy shit batman, you’re AWESOME”! Much is made of what is pretty and what isn’t, and I really don’t intend to add anything to that discussion, but I can add this: there is nothing sexier than a woman who looks at you like Zeus himself just walked in the room. Add to that the fact that she’s beautiful… Good God, I didn’t have a chance.

We went on our first date on August 19th and were engaged 4 months and 6 days later. Our engagement lasted for a year and a half, most of which we lived together to make sure it would work. Like most men, I don’t tell my wife often enough, but the sun truly does rise and set in her in my world. That year and a half reinforced that fact.

My wife has an awesome weekend planned for my 20th anniversary. It started last night and will go on for three days. I decided to take the day off yesterday to take Mrs. BgddyJim to see the new Bond flick (freaking awesome) After that we took the kids down to take my dad out for dinner. That was followed by a coffee and desert party with some friends. We’re having still more friends over for dinner this evening.

I’ve got some yard work to take care of and after that I’ll be heading out for a fat-tire bike ride. Speaking of which, I’m thinking about picking up a new ride in the spring. Nothing crazy, either a Wahoo or a Marlin (both Treks of course), but both would be vast upgrades over my ’08 3700. After my ride last weekend I really have a desire| to put in more mountain biking miles next season – a lot more – and I can see that the 3700 is going to hold me back. In addition, my bottom bracket and crank are starting to show significant signs of wear. Either I drop $200-$250 on repairs and wind up with a fixed bike that will still limit me, or pony up another $300-$400 and I can get a 29’er with a much better shock and disc brakes.

For tomorrow, I’ve got trail running with my buddy English Pete (8 – 10 miles) followed by watching a bit of football, another fat tire bike ride (to loosen up my legs) and a much needed nap. The Finale will be celebrating my anniversary with all of my bowling friends (most of whom are recovering/recovered as well).

My wife is quarterbacking the whole weekend.

Now here’s the deal folks. My wife and I fight and argue just like all husbands and wives do – heck, like all best friends do. When it really counts though (and it never really counts when we’re in the middle of one of those arguments), I have a fabulous woman for a wife. As fabulous as she is, if I didn’t recognize it – if I chose to concentrate on the bad rather than the good, I would miss out on the best part of the (second) best thing that ever happened to me.

Putting my marriage second may seem a little off to those who don’t know any better, but without the reason for all of this celebrating, my sobriety, my marriage wouldn’t be possible in the first place.

Endomondo… Finally a GPS Tracker Fixes the Battery Drain Issue!

I just downloaded an update to my Endomondo Pro that finally addresses the battery drain issue with a Low Power Mode for endurance efforts. It boasts the same GPS accuracy while using less power.

For those of us who are smartphone GPS trackers, this is a big deal.

It is unfortunate that they waited till November for the release because I won’t be testing this one until next season (I think), but I’m really happy that someone is finally addressing the issue.