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Meatless Mondays in LA? Pass the Steak, Honey


November 2012

So the Los Angeles city council has asked residents to go meatless on Monday because the council is filled with silly people.  Let’s look at the linked article a little closer:

Los Angeles city leaders have voted [to – sic] endorse “Meatless Mondays.”

The City Council that had earlier declared war on trans fats and fast-food restaurants voted 14-0 on Friday to adopt a resolution urging residents to pledge they won’t eat meat on the first day of the week.

Well how nice – of course adopting a resolution urging someone to do anything amounts to nothing…  They’re “asking nicely” so far.  But then there’s this gem:

The Los Angeles Daily News says it doesn’t make Monday meat consumption illegal and police won’t be checking what you brought to work for lunch.

Well, how quaint – at least they let us know that the cops won’t be checking our lunches yet.  I suppose that’s reason to cheer here in America, eh?  The fact they even had to include that sentence should be alarming.

The resolution is simply designed to make residents healthier and reduce the impact on the environment.

So if the cops aren’t going to be checking lunches (this is written tongue in cheek of course), how is the proposal going to “make” residents do anything?  There’s something fishy going on here.  Here’s how this works – small moves, baby steps if you will.  These kooks propose a “harmless” (and toothless) meatless day.  The idea is to raise support at first.  90% of the ideas get flushed down the drain and are never brought up again, but some catch on and become malignant.  They fester, spread and grow, consuming people’s freedom in the process.  Now I’d have to guess that meatless Mondays won’t ever gain much traction but if these buffoons aren’t fended off early, before long you’ve got some yahoo trying to ban meat in a local government cafeteria – and that’s the tipping point.  After that the politicians (all Democrats in this instance, of course) jump onto the bandwagon and start trying to implement this horseshit in the free market, like Bloomberg did in New York with salt and soda.

Fortunately I live in an excellently quaint small town that simply stays out of the resident’s business. But I do love to imagine what I would do should I live in a city that had a council that tried to work its way into my life in such a manner… First, Monday would become grill night.  I would probably throw a block party at some point, but I would celebrate the city council’s idiocy with a different grilled meat every Monday.  Why grilled? Because nothing makes a block smell better than grilling meat. I run in a small neighborhood in Flint on Thursday nights and nothing makes me want to stop dead in my tracks more than the awesome aroma emanating a grill.

Get your grill on LA.  Then wait and see if the cops show up at your door step.  That should be funny.

Think I’m crazy?  Watch the video…  1 minute and 45 seconds in.  Then skip to 2:50.  Then 4:30…  Baby steps folks, those wackos – if they’re anything – they are patient.

On implementing this hoo-ha in schools:  “Are you hearing loads of complaints from the parents, are the kids themselves enjoying it?  And in pretty much all the cases that we’ve looked at, people are enjoying it.”  If you believe that, I’ve got a bridge in New York I’d like to sell you…  To decode that second sentence – We only looked at certain cases that agreed with what we were doing and in all of those, people are enjoying it.  Notice he also didn’t say anything in that sentence about complaints?  I guarantee they’d be hearing from me.  This is an age-old tactic, of course.  Hitler used it.  Infect the kids and even turn them on the parents…

From there, Sir Paul goes on to explain a situation where a kid corrects a man for eating bacon on a Monday.  And as he explains it, the man stops as if he’d done something wrong…  Oh how silly this all is.  I wouldn’t be reacting the way Sir Paul suggested in his quaint little story.

The truth is a plant-based diet is good for some people – even ultra athletes can survive on plants alone – but surviving and living are two very different things in my book.  As far as I’m concerned, you can have it…  No thanks.


  1. Dabel says:

    Filed under the category “Things I Don’t Miss About Cali”. It is funny how often I am reminded that about the only thing I miss about California are the Sierra’s.

    • bgddyjim says:

      I couldn’t even imagine the level of arrogance and ignorance required to push that stuff like that. It’s simply astounding. Thank goodness you made it out with your wit and sense of humor.

  2. JustI says:

    They are probably downing a 16oz Coka Cola with their tofu, so don’t worry! Thank goodness Thanksgiving falls on a Thursday!

  3. I gotta say, it is overly paternalistic ideas like this can make even the sanest intentions totally stupid. Meatless Mondays may be a great idea; and I do believe that veg should be the way to go; to “make” or “force” people to do it, in this “do it, but if you don’t we won’t really do anything about it”, seems to really over reach. Let people choose their own path.

    • bgddyjim says:

      It drives me up a wall. It’s like they breeze right through caring about people right into the dictating part. Thanks for being sane, the world needs more sane people.

  4. Rat Catcher says:

    Like they said, they’re not forcing it on anyone. It’s an idea and a choice–take it or leave it. If you want an ostrich burger on Monday, go for it.

    As for being meatless in schools–these kids aren’t being offered choice either. It’s “eat this here mystery meat (or shitty looking hotdog or chicken leg) or you’ll have nothing “(or this really shitty soynutbutter and grape jelly sandwich that you’ve had 400 times before.) That’s also a form of authoritarianism, only that one conforms with your dietary and cultural habits.

    There’s a lot more to be concerned with in this world than a city council notion. That’s not how authoritarianism starts–for that just look at our president. The philosophical methodology that you put forth, the slippery slope (first meatless mondays, soon outlawed meat) is the same flawed defense tobacco and alcohol companies use to defend their blatantly unhealthy, addictive and destructive products.

    • bgddyjim says:

      I agree about our president… Thank God he’s gone! You do realize that was written while Obama was still in office, right? The policy originated in the White House, office of the First Lady. Anyway, enough of politics. The government seeps into too much anymore (and that’s been going on for decades).

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