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Interval Training – For Sanity…


November 2012

I started interval training a couple of weeks ago, and today I started using the interval training timer included in my Endomondo Pro app for the same reason that most people turn to interval training – to take my cycling to the next level over the winter for next season.  There are a few added benefits to it as well…

Last week I tried a 10 minute warmup followed by 10 reps, 15 seconds full on/15 seconds recovery.  I got that one from another blogger that I followed.  Today I did one from Endomondo, only I altered it a little bit:  5 minute warmup followed by 6 reps 1 minute full on/1 minute recovery followed by a 5 minute cool down.  I’d say the 15 second one was quite a bit tougher, heck one minute to recover seemed too short.

My legs are feeling pretty squishy after today’s workout though and that’s a good thing.  What I found in doing the workouts was a little surprising…  With little time to recover between hard efforts, the overall workout goes really quickly and I’m absolutely loving it.  All last off-season I’d spin at a decent clip (some days harder than others) and before long it got incredibly boring but with the interval training days thrown in there, it really breaks things up.  It’s so much less boring.

So yeah, intervals help to get us to the next level, but much more importantly – at least for me – they break up an otherwise boring spin.

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  1. IowaTriBob says:

    I’ve just started some intervals on both the run and bike and couldn’t agree more.

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