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When Do You Have To Dig Deep To Stay Fit?

That’s the question, I put it to you…  When do you have to dig deep to stay fit?

Is it winter time and the cold weather?  How about the heat of summer?  We can discount the major life changing events, they always take up time and most everyone  is champing at the bit to hit the road so they can relieve stress.  Is it the busy times?  How about slow times?

I always have trouble in the in-between times.  Things are going well, I’m in the process of working through some issues so I’m trying to work extra hard – I’m busy for certain, but things are mellowing a little bit from chaos.  Things aren’t great, they aren’t bad either, I’m at a nice little balancing point.  I had a great season, surely I can take a day or two off if I don’t feel like it, can’t I? 

This is where I get lost if I’m not careful.  I will take that day off, and another, and another.  This is how I roll when I get lazy, and I do get lazy.

So quite literally, five seconds after I started contemplating sloughing off on my workout today I started changing clothes and did my normal half-hour spin.  I wanted to stop pedaling and quit damn near the whole first fifteen minutes I was on the bike, I just wasn’t in it mentally…  Then I hit sixteen minutes and I was back, pushing myself a lot harder than I normally would for a mid-week spin, and then I was done.  I got something accomplished today.  I beat my mind back and ended up feeling better for it.  I’ll eat my dinner a happy man tonight.

These times of mental weakness are growing fewer and farther in between and I’m much more aptly equipped to battle them, but battle them I must.  Of course, I can quit – that is an option, and I can have all of my misery back shortly thereafter.

Post Run Active Recovery…

I wrote the other day about my typical active recovery plan after a long run…  A nice easy ride, slow speed, high cadence.   This minimizes the pain involved in getting the legs moving again…  If I ride day of the run, my legs will loosen up within a mile (3-4 minutes), day after maybe three miles (12 minutes) and two days after 5 miles (20 minutes).  There is a minimal amount of pain associated with the process, it’s more or less just uncomfortable.

Elisariva, on the other hand, suggests a day after run…  To tell you the truth, I never thought about running again the day after a long run to recover – I do have one friend who does this regularly, but most everyone else that I run with think he’s nuts.  I’ve certainly never had a desire to run, even a couple of slow miles, after a half marathon or anything more than a 10k.  I absolutely hate how running feels day after.

That said, I suppose if you could turn that into your wont if you so chose.  Me?  Ah, yeah, I don’t think so.

The thing I like about active recovery is that I can heal up and go again right away where I’d be waiting for days to feel human again after a decent longer run – and it keeps me active with my kids.

Speaking of kids, both of my daughters passed their respective swim classes…  Isabella (9) did so well that her instructor said that she could skip a class into level six.  Josie (6) did well also and passed into level four with flying colors.  They’ve both got me beaten by an order of magnitude – I was deathly afraid of the water until my mother forced me into swimming lessons at 12 years old.

Other than that, I’ve been working overtime lately between trying to keep my guys busy and getting my house fixed up again…  Between that and swimming lessons every Monday and Wednesday, I’m running on fumes so I haven’t been able to post much.  For that I apologize, but sometimes life just gets in the way of all of the fun stuff.