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Daily Archives: December 9, 2012

Endomondo Power Saver Mode Review

I’ve had a few chances to look at the battery power savings in the new power saving mode on Endomondo and I’m fairly impressed.

The power saving mode decreases battery use by over 25%. In practical terms this means that battery drain dropped from 13% per hour to 10% per hour on my iPhone.

The App still works exactly as it did previously, it still calls out overall time, mileage and mile time at every mile, it just uses less power. I’d have to guess that there is a drop in accuracy to save power, but the only thing I’ve noticed so far is in elevation recording. In my 9 mile run – if you read my last post, we were scheduled for an 8 but my buddy Pete is a little compulsive when it comes to upping mileage at the halfway point – I knew we’d climbed many hundreds of feet but the hills were all very steep. Guessing, we were somewhere around 900-1,000 but Endo only picked up 355. That also means the mileage is a little off.

Either way, I should be able to get a 10 hour effort before killing my battery – more than my longest ride last year by about 3 hours (125 miles in 7 hours which almost killed my battery, I had 9% left I think). More than enough for anything up to 170-180 miles. Considering that I won’t run anything more than a half marathon, I don’t even have to worry about running.

All things considered, while Endomondo didn’t come up with anything exceptional, like a 50% reduction in drain, 25% sure will help on the longer hauls next season.

A Reason To Never Miss Another Workout

I’ve been working exceptionally hard on our home remodel. Couple that with the fact that this is the silly season at work and I’ve been putting in some odd hours. That means I haven’t had much time to write.

Unfortunately I got a call from my mother last night with bad news about her last cancer screening. She’s got a pre-cancerous polyp. I’ll tell you what kids, getting old sucks. Enjoy your youth. The news means that now I’m on the hook to get the big exam starting two years ago.

I have one thing on my side when it comes to my health: I’m fit like ox. My mother, on the other hand is active but overweight. I’m planning on the following report after my exam: “Son, that’s the cleanest butthole we’ve ever seen in a 42 year-old man. It is very obvious that you exercise regularly, so keep doing what you’re doing, keep it up”.

This news does make me, an exceptionally healthy fellow, think though. I am blessed to have gotten the fitness bug early and stick with it… Because after news like I got yesterday, now is when that fitness matters.

Colon cancer is reduced by 22% in physically active people. It’s fair to say I’m on the high end of that. That risk is further reduced by the fact that I’m the proper weight for my height and that I don’t drink.

The only potential problem I could have is with red meat. I haven’t eaten more than the recommended three servings per week in some time, but I do love my red meat.

So, with that, even though I could be working on the house (which counts as moderate activity), I’m going out with English Pete, Jeff and Aaron for an eight miler in about an hour. I’m not planning on taking too many more days off from here on out.